Friday, November 4, 2011

And I love to dance with you under the big blue *African* sky ;-)

Sooo have you ever had those days, or weeks for that matter, where you feel EVERYTHING is wrong???

No???????? GET OFF MY BLOG!!!! ;-)
Kidding! Kidding! Sheesh peeps! Settle down!

Sooo for me - this was the week! We were out of power, which wouldn't have been a BIG deal except we were also out of water - no bathroom. O_o Have you ever tried to live with no bathroom? It's fun - trust me! *Nod* ;-) And then to top that off they cancelled school for the whole week! WAIT! NO! STOP! I have to stay home alllll week??? With the whole state out of power there is not much else you can do - you can't even sew because no one will buy me one of those cool old fashioned sewing machines! *Pout*
And THEN yesterday I talked to one of my bestest friends/adopted sista - HannahBeth (the good thing about adoption is that you can never be disowned - think about THAT in terms of God adopting us - wow! That'll just floor you!), about our trip to Africa, and the kids, and the Mama's and our painful longing to be back. And THEN I decided to make up the long overdue slideshow (which you can view down there *Points down to the last post*). So all afternoon I was going through pictures of the kids and watching the slideshow over and over to make sure it was turning out ok (the ending still doesn't work, but oh well! :-P). By night time everything in my life just seemed WRONG - and suppressed feelings started coming out. My dear friend Olivia began talking to me about one thing, and it opened up the door for other deeper things that have been going on in my heart.

May I just pause here to say she's amazing?? I can???? Great - She's amazing!!

Anywho - she encouraged me to begin spending more time just sitting in the Lord's presents - learning from Him. I will admit, I have been struggling a lot in this area, and I know that satan has been attacking me in different areas of my life because I have been lax in this.

Encouragement - do we encourage each other as much as we could or should? Have you ever thought that even that person who seems so confident and light-hearted on the outside might be the very person who is actually aching and hurting inside and needs a kind word, a hug, or a wake up shake?

Olivia, thanks for my wake up shake! Thanks for helping me back up onto the right path - the straight and narrow path. (Ever think about THAT? God's path is not all twisted and confusing - as life often seems these days - but STRAIGHT - you can see the light of heaven up ahead. And NARROW - it's not so big you start wondering where you actually are - it is narrow that you can clearly see the whole path. And it is light - because in God there is no darkness whatsoever! :-)).

Oh, and I am hooked on the song which I posted above ^ Such a happy song! :-)

Have a beautiful day my loves - life is good, even when it doesn't feel that way because God's Love makes it good.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Africa Loves!

For those who have been asking, but haven't gotten to see a slideshow yet. :-) Enjoy!