Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sooo yesterday, I turned 21! Whoa... Legal now! :-P Feels kinda weird... No worries peeps - sooo not interested in drinking like at ALL :-P But kinda fun not to be the youngest on of the group any more! Yay me ;-)

Bday was awesome!! :-) Best one I've had in forEV! :-) God is good to me!!!

Ok, bed time... :-P Sorry I don't post much these days! School is busy! Sooo ready for May! Lol

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The good things in life -

  • Tumblr - how did I ever get along without it??? It's like the perfect time waster! ;-) (Hey, anything to get out of hw!)
  • Turning 21 - NEXT WEEK! Duuude! No longer the youngest in the group! And people can't patronize me any more for being underage - yay me!
  • ABC family TV shows - seriously, I am totally shipping Billy and Jane - HOW CAN I WAIT TILL JUNE????? AHHH!!!
  • Canned corn - makes a great lunch! Seriously, I eat the whole can! LOL I gotta find more canned foods... Maybe I should pick up some baked beans! Yuuum! :oD
  • My Math teacher - she's totally a role-model of how I want to be when(if) I become a teacher!
  • Monday lunch dates with a certain gal who puts up with my craziness for some odd reason - love you BFF! <3
  • Music!!! Happy, Sad, Upbeat, Classical, Danceable, Singable, Laughable, Cryable, Country, Pop, Christian, etc!!!
  • Justin Bieber! *Grins* Don't be haters peeps! Don't be haters! ;-)
  • God's forgiveness and grace (Wait - should this be on the top???).
  • Becoming friends with someone who pranked you thinking you were someone else, and then finding out that not only were YOU being pranked, but THEY were being pranked by someone else into thinking YOU were someone else, and you totally don't know them! (Got that??? ;-)). Good times, good times!
  • Having an ENFP personality! (This one is especially for the above mentioned new friend! :oD).
  • Your best friend/sister/ex-roommate FINALLY getting internet! FINNALLLLYYY!
  • Sunshine and farmers tans ;-)
  • Screaming at one in the morning when your sister finds wasps on her window and wants you to help her kill them! (Parents were away - hence why we could scream at 1am! ;-)).
  • Finally watching the POTC movies and hating them! (Yes, this is a good thing! ;-)).
The bad list -

  • Everything else

Friday, March 2, 2012