Saturday, September 1, 2012

I have SO much homework - but it's sunny out!!

I don't know about you, but it's always a bit sad when the fall weather hits and there is a GORGEOUS Fall day, just calling you to get outside and enjoy it BUT you have a stack of homework that is about ten miles high. So instead you sit inside bent over your books and groaning inside as you look out the window every once in a while at the sunshine.

I know that has been me WAY too many times! So I am here to offer a few ideas for how to get outside AND get your homework done at the same time! :-) If you have any other ideas for creative places to go to work on homework, or efficient methods for getting it done faster, please do leave me a comment!! OR write your own "favorite" homework ideas and post the link to your blog!! :-) (Note - these are not just ideas about getting outside - there are also some other of my own personal ways to get homework organized and finished).

Anyways - My list!

  • Find a lake or pond or pretty puddle nearby and take your reading down - sit on the dock or picnic table and get that History reading done as you enjoy the breeze! :-) 
  • Nature preserves - They probably have picnic tables too! Or find a quiet path, lean against a tree, and get that work done! As long as you don't need internet for an assignment you can do it anywhere - save those internet assignments for later! (And I don't want to hear complaining that your bag is to heavy to lug down a beautiful woodsy path! It'll help you build muscles!).
  • Front steps of the house - the bonus to doing your homework sitting on the front steps of your house is that you can still get wireless internet on your laptop! SCORE! ;-)
  • Back yard table - we have a table in our backyard used for summertime dinners, but sometimes on beautiful days I will drag all my work outside and just sit and work on projects! The great thing about this is that you don't have to pay for gas to go somewhere - downside is that your family can still find you ;-)
  • Coffee shops - Panera, Starbucks, some other cute place you know about. Grab yourself a coffee or a tea and get to work! It gets you out of the house but still lets you get your work done. On beautiful days they sometimes have outdoor tables to sit at.
  • Libraries - if you are sick of your local or college library look for others nearby - I have walked into beautiful libraries where it would be pleasant to to sit and study. If you are down at school check for outdoor tables - my school library has some tables right outside.
  • Bring a snack and a drink - if you are starving or need a drink you won't be able to pay as good attention to your work! 
  • Make yourself goals - I find that when I set myself a goal I do much better. Today my goal was to get a stack of history reading done - I found a nice shady path at a nature preserve and sat down and read it - I finished all but two pages! (Which I finished later ;-)). Makes you feel good that you spent time in nature AND got that work done. 
  • Lists - I like lists - then I can check them off and feel like I did SOMETHING at least ;-) 
  • Give yourself breaks - even if it's just for five minutes - stretch your legs, pick a daisy, take a deep breath, and then get back to it - you will be able to go for longer and get more done if you take a moment to relax! :-)
  • Remember WHY you are going to school in the first place! There will be days when you have no good answer for that and where your dreams seem not to matter because you just want to be DONE! But don't give up! It won't last forever! :)
Good luck on the start of your new semester! Go knock um dead!!! :)