Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love you for you

Every time I hear this song I think of God's heart towards people. He is waiting with out stretched arms ready to love each person for who He made them to be. 

Love them for them. Not for anything they have done, or would or could do. But just simply love them because He is our great Father.

Wow! Have you ever thought about that before? How God SO loved the world BEFORE while we were STILL sinners so He sent His only Son to die for us. Christ died for us WHILE we were sinners. He didn't wait for us to become "good", He died for us while we were still unlovable.

That's they heart I want to have towards people - I want to love them the way Jesus loves them. Not for what they have done or who they will become or what they will do, but because Jesus loves. 

The first verse of this song makes me think of children all around the world. Here in America, in Africa, in Mexico, in China, etc etc etc etc. Those children who no one seems to care about. Who might be dirty, naughty, and hard to love. Those who have no family, or families who don't care about them.
And I think - God - Let me love them like You love them. You have given me a big heart and wide open arms, fill them with those unloved children. Fill them with those hurting children. Fill them with those abused children. Fill them with those children who have never known what it is like to be loved unconditionally. 
Help me to love them UNCONDITIONALLY. Help me to love them even when they are unlovable. Help me to show them YOUR love. Help me to show them what love really means. 

God is a father to the fatherless. I pray I can show the fatherless that they have a heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally. That I would show them a picture of unconditional love.

I want to be the one who picks them up when they fall down, and who they know if they need a hug or a listening ear or just love love love I am there for them.

I know God has given me this desire for a reason. And I trust Him He will send me the children He wants me to love and to show His love too in His time. Or He will send me to them.

God will love you for you. Not for what you have done or what you will become. HE will show you what love really means. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I have SO much homework - but it's sunny out!!

I don't know about you, but it's always a bit sad when the fall weather hits and there is a GORGEOUS Fall day, just calling you to get outside and enjoy it BUT you have a stack of homework that is about ten miles high. So instead you sit inside bent over your books and groaning inside as you look out the window every once in a while at the sunshine.

I know that has been me WAY too many times! So I am here to offer a few ideas for how to get outside AND get your homework done at the same time! :-) If you have any other ideas for creative places to go to work on homework, or efficient methods for getting it done faster, please do leave me a comment!! OR write your own "favorite" homework ideas and post the link to your blog!! :-) (Note - these are not just ideas about getting outside - there are also some other of my own personal ways to get homework organized and finished).

Anyways - My list!

  • Find a lake or pond or pretty puddle nearby and take your reading down - sit on the dock or picnic table and get that History reading done as you enjoy the breeze! :-) 
  • Nature preserves - They probably have picnic tables too! Or find a quiet path, lean against a tree, and get that work done! As long as you don't need internet for an assignment you can do it anywhere - save those internet assignments for later! (And I don't want to hear complaining that your bag is to heavy to lug down a beautiful woodsy path! It'll help you build muscles!).
  • Front steps of the house - the bonus to doing your homework sitting on the front steps of your house is that you can still get wireless internet on your laptop! SCORE! ;-)
  • Back yard table - we have a table in our backyard used for summertime dinners, but sometimes on beautiful days I will drag all my work outside and just sit and work on projects! The great thing about this is that you don't have to pay for gas to go somewhere - downside is that your family can still find you ;-)
  • Coffee shops - Panera, Starbucks, some other cute place you know about. Grab yourself a coffee or a tea and get to work! It gets you out of the house but still lets you get your work done. On beautiful days they sometimes have outdoor tables to sit at.
  • Libraries - if you are sick of your local or college library look for others nearby - I have walked into beautiful libraries where it would be pleasant to to sit and study. If you are down at school check for outdoor tables - my school library has some tables right outside.
  • Bring a snack and a drink - if you are starving or need a drink you won't be able to pay as good attention to your work! 
  • Make yourself goals - I find that when I set myself a goal I do much better. Today my goal was to get a stack of history reading done - I found a nice shady path at a nature preserve and sat down and read it - I finished all but two pages! (Which I finished later ;-)). Makes you feel good that you spent time in nature AND got that work done. 
  • Lists - I like lists - then I can check them off and feel like I did SOMETHING at least ;-) 
  • Give yourself breaks - even if it's just for five minutes - stretch your legs, pick a daisy, take a deep breath, and then get back to it - you will be able to go for longer and get more done if you take a moment to relax! :-)
  • Remember WHY you are going to school in the first place! There will be days when you have no good answer for that and where your dreams seem not to matter because you just want to be DONE! But don't give up! It won't last forever! :)
Good luck on the start of your new semester! Go knock um dead!!! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Good friends and a check it out :-)

Today a very good friend of mine came over and helped me with a big project that had been hanging over my head for a while - how amazing is she??? :-) We had such a nice time laughing and talking! Thanks again Lieren - it meant a ton!! <3 Love you!!!

Also please head over to HannahBeth's blog and read her latest blog post - it is so so so good!! HannahBeth's Blog Post

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"You know how I feel about change... It doesn't bode well when one is already perfectly happy..."

In life things change, people change, people leave.

Why we ask? God WHY????!!!

He has a plan.

What is that plan? No clue... Just trying to trust Him...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cute Little Amy?

I hate being patronized.

Like really really hate it.

I actually AM an adult and want to be treated like one. Especially if you are my age.


Yes. Amazingly enough NO one wants to be patronized by their peers.

I may act really dumb, innocent, or child-like sometimes, but in spite of my dumb moments I'm not a baby.

Whoa really?

Yes really.

I may not appear to have an opinion on a subject, but I actually do.

I actually have informed logical opinions on many issues.

But I won't tell you, because I hate debating.

But no, I'm not a child.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Owl City

I wish I could cross my arms
And cross your mind 'cause I believe
You'd unfold your paper heart
And wear it on your sleeve

All my life I wish I broke mirrors
Instead of promises
'Cause all I see is a shattered conscience
Staring right back at me

I wish I had covered all my tracks completely
'Cause I'm so afraid
Is that the light at the far end of the tunnel
Or just the train?

Lift your arms, only Heaven knows
Where the danger grows and it's safe to say
There's a bright light up ahead
And help is on the way, help is on the way

I forget the last time I felt brave
I just recall insecurity
'Cause it came down like a tidal wave
And sorrow swept over me

Depression, please cut to the chase
And cut a long story short
Oh, please be done, how much longer
Can this drama afford to run?

Fate looks sharp, severs all my ties
And breaks whatever doesn't bend
But sadly then, all my heavy hopes
Just pull me back down again

I forget the last time I felt brave
I just recall insecurity
'Cause it came down like a tidal wave
And sorrow swept over me

Then I was given grace and love
I was blind but now I can see
'Cause I found a new hope from above
And courage swept over me

It hurts just to wake up
Whenever you're wearing thin
Alone on the outside
So tired of looking in

The end is uncertain
And I've never been so afraid
But I don't need a telescope
To see that there's hope
And that makes me feel brave

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ache Will Last Forever...

Do you have anything or any person that you think about every single day? Something/one that you miss so much that your heart aches and you wonder how in the world you will get through that day... That week... That month... That year... Those many years till you have that person back in your arms?

I do.

I think about "my" kids in Uganda every single day. I ACHE to hold them again. I ACHE to hear their little voices call me "Auntie Ammmy" again. I ACHE to have susu (pee) all over my clothes again. I ACHE to change a billion and one diapers again. I ACHE to hear "my" Mama's call me "Daughter" again. I ACHE to have sweet baby kisses planted on my cheek. I ACHE to spoil them with chocolate cake and soda. I ACHE know "my" kids are safe because I can see them - I ACHE to be able to see them every single day, and boast about how proud I am of them

Are they my kids? Not really - they are God's kids. They will always have a HUGE special spot in my heart. Even if I never get to see them again in this life, every time I see their pictures or think of their names I will miss them, and love them.

Even so I ache. Each time a little kid pushes me away because they have a loving family (which makes me so happy for that child) it makes me long to hold those kids who don't have a family, because they need the love and the touch and they need to know that I love them - oh so very much. Each hurting child, each lonely child, each child without a family, each neglected child, each starving child, each of them get a special place in my heart, and no matter how many I meet in my life, I know there will always be enough room for each of them to have a special place in my heart - because God made it big on purpose.

Some kids I miss especially - My girl Jemima - how she made me earn her trust - I had to work hard for it, but it was so rewarding in the end. Her parting words to me. Her sassy times, and the times she needed someone to stick by her when she was in a bad mood. The pain that I had to leave her, when she told me to stay. Knowing that I may never see her again in this life.
My boy Ashraf - his silly faces, him trying to talk to me in his language, his craziness.
Simon - His chubby cheeks and fat legs. His amazing smile, and huggableness.
Jacob - How I love that kid!
My list could keep going... And going... And going...

Appreciate every moment you have with your kids, or other little ones God has put in your life. Let the little things slide - in the end what matters?

Oh God, take care of each of the kids - and give them people to love them - even if I desperately want it to be me. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jane By Design

Sooo I am just one of those people who loves TV shows!!! I love how when you fall in love with characters you know that at the end of the episode it's not REALLY the end, but you get to see more soon!! Movies, when it's done it's done, but TV shows can keep going for a while!

Recently my favorite show became ABC Family's Jane by Design. Ok, yes, call me a sap, but this show is just totally my guilty pleasure!!! (So sad no more eppies till JUNE! How can I wait that long??).
So I thought it'd be fun to tell you all about my fav show that I'm totally obsessed with. Lol! :-P

Jane by Design is about a highschool girl named Jane (big surprise there, right?? ;-) I knew you'd be shocked!! ;-)), who lives with her older brother since her mother ran away when she was young and her father passed away a few years ago. She is just like any other highschool girl, until she decides to apply for an internship at a big fashion company in the city, but they get her confused with someone else and she gets a real job there!! The show is about her scraps she gets herself into, and about her best friend Billy (AHHH!!!! Love him!!!) helping her out of them, and her awesome bro and his fun moments!!! So adorable!!!

So since I love lists, here are some things I love about JBD :oD

Reasons why I love the show so much -

~ It's cute, generally clean, and fun - One of the big reasons I love this show is that it is fairly clean compared to other shows on these days. There are kissing scenes, and one of THOSE scenes that they totally could have left out, but GENERALLY there are cute romances, a bit of drama, but not tooo much to make it stressful to watch.

~ Such cute fashion!!!! Seriously - can I have Jane's closet????

~ Not too stressful - I hate how drama filled most show's are these days. Yes Jane get's into scraps, but overall it's not too drama filled.

~ Cute AND nice boys *Wink Wink* ;-) Seriously though - such nice guys on the show - I hate it when shows have all the guys be jerks or whatever. But especially Billy and Ben are awesome!!

~ Good dialogue/writing - seriously good lines, good moments, and just all around fun!

Characters I love (in no particular order) -

~ Jane - The main character is quirky and fun - her fashion is amazing, she is fun and cute. Yes she can be a brat sometimes, lies to her brother once in a while, gets mad at her best friend once in a while, and has enemies, but it's always good when the main person has some faults - makes them more real. Jane may not be a hero, but she's real, blunt, and an all around neat person.

~ Ben - Jane's terribly cute older bro! (Ok, yes, I have a crush on him - you found out ;-)). Ben is such a good big bro. He gave up his dreams and goals in life to come and take care of his younger sister, which isn't always an easy job! He's quirky and fun like his sister, has the most adorable smile, and is a bit of a dork. :-P He can be super awkward, and sometimes has conversations that make no sense to the person who he is talking too. He hates camping, and even hates Smores! He has a weird sense of humor, and has a crush on Rita, the school counselor who sits in the office adjoining his. He loves to pop in on her and try to "win her over." They are a perfect match.

~ Rita - Ben's super cute crush! When you first see her Rita Shaw comes across as a very serious girl with a dry sense of humor. Although she's secretly had a crush on Ben since high-school she doesn't let him know she likes him for a while. She's a gal who makes a guy work to win her over, but she's terribly worth the effort. She pretends Ben is bugging her, but as soon as he leaves the room a cute smile will pass over her face. Ben and Rita are the cutest couple ever. Just sayin...

~ Billy - Jane's best friend since almost forever. Besides also being really cute (can I crush on both him AND Ben??? ;-)), Billy has an amazing personality. He is easy-going, fun to be around, always there for his best friends (even if it means getting detention because of it), and always ready to help Jane out of scraps. Billy gets frustrated once in a while, but generally is an all around nice guy. His brother is a trouble-maker, and Billy is working hard not to fall into the same life-style. Although Billy dated one of Jane's enemies for a little while, I totally ship him and Jane together. The end of the last eppie?? AHHH!!! How could they leave us like that??? Yes Billy is on the top of the list of my favorite characters!!

~ Jeremy - One of Jane's co-workers. A good looking, blond, British designer, who annoys most of the ladies with his charms, but is a pretty nice guy. I reallly hope him and India get together! Turns out he's a bit of a bad boy though as seen in the last episode of the first season! I was soo shocked!! But I still love him lol

~ India - Another co-worker of Jane's. India is tough, and is a bit of an enemy to Jane. She is viewed as a bad guy throughout the season, but you find out she's not as bad as you first think. She's got a good side to her, just buried kind of deep and hard to see sometimes. I hope they bring her back in the 2nd season - the show wouldn't be the same without her!

~ Carter - A co-worker/designer at the place Jane works. He's just awesome, friendly, and fun. I wish he had a bigger part in the show!!

Soo I'm sure I could think up more things to write about this show, but I hope you enjoyed reading what I wrote! Thought it was time for a fun post! LOL! And what's more fun then writing about your current fav show???


Ok... Enough for now... lol

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I don't even think this post makes sense... Yay bad grammar!

Too many thoughts, too little words.

Too many feelings, too little words.

Too many things to do, too little time.

Too many things to read, too little time.

Too much too learn, too little brain space.

Too much hw, too little time.

Too much stress, too little happiness.

So many blessings, too little thankfulness.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sooo yesterday, I turned 21! Whoa... Legal now! :-P Feels kinda weird... No worries peeps - sooo not interested in drinking like at ALL :-P But kinda fun not to be the youngest on of the group any more! Yay me ;-)

Bday was awesome!! :-) Best one I've had in forEV! :-) God is good to me!!!

Ok, bed time... :-P Sorry I don't post much these days! School is busy! Sooo ready for May! Lol

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The good things in life -

  • Tumblr - how did I ever get along without it??? It's like the perfect time waster! ;-) (Hey, anything to get out of hw!)
  • Turning 21 - NEXT WEEK! Duuude! No longer the youngest in the group! And people can't patronize me any more for being underage - yay me!
  • ABC family TV shows - seriously, I am totally shipping Billy and Jane - HOW CAN I WAIT TILL JUNE????? AHHH!!!
  • Canned corn - makes a great lunch! Seriously, I eat the whole can! LOL I gotta find more canned foods... Maybe I should pick up some baked beans! Yuuum! :oD
  • My Math teacher - she's totally a role-model of how I want to be when(if) I become a teacher!
  • Monday lunch dates with a certain gal who puts up with my craziness for some odd reason - love you BFF! <3
  • Music!!! Happy, Sad, Upbeat, Classical, Danceable, Singable, Laughable, Cryable, Country, Pop, Christian, etc!!!
  • Justin Bieber! *Grins* Don't be haters peeps! Don't be haters! ;-)
  • God's forgiveness and grace (Wait - should this be on the top???).
  • Becoming friends with someone who pranked you thinking you were someone else, and then finding out that not only were YOU being pranked, but THEY were being pranked by someone else into thinking YOU were someone else, and you totally don't know them! (Got that??? ;-)). Good times, good times!
  • Having an ENFP personality! (This one is especially for the above mentioned new friend! :oD).
  • Your best friend/sister/ex-roommate FINALLY getting internet! FINNALLLLYYY!
  • Sunshine and farmers tans ;-)
  • Screaming at one in the morning when your sister finds wasps on her window and wants you to help her kill them! (Parents were away - hence why we could scream at 1am! ;-)).
  • Finally watching the POTC movies and hating them! (Yes, this is a good thing! ;-)).
The bad list -

  • Everything else

Friday, March 2, 2012


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tagged by Lieren :-) (Written last night)

Tagged - (Answered last night... I was in a weird mood - beware! ;-)).

1. What color are your socks right now?

One is white and the other is white with purple and blue stripes... Lol... I need to do laundry... Or find my other socks that go with the two half pairs I am wearing...

2. What are you listening to right now?

Maroon 5 "Won't Go Home Without You."

3.What was the last thing you ate?

Chicken nuggets, french fries, root beer, and a peppermint.

4. Can you drive a stick-shift?

Not at all - if there was an emergency and the only care there was to drive people to safety was a stick-shift and I was the only one who could drive we would all die.

5.The last person you spoke to on the phone?

Hmm... Josiah?

6. Do you like the person/s/ who sent this to you?

Course - she's awesome!

7. How old are you today?

20... I'll check tomorrow and see if that has changed though!

8. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?

Football and Tennis... But I dont really have time to watch sports lol

9. What is your favorite drink?

Snapple Mango

10.Have you ever dyed your hair?

No but I'm totally going to dye it purple someday! Don't believe me? Sheesh... Rude! ;-)

11.Favorite food?

Mashed Potatoes with butter and salt - yumm

12. What is the last movie you watched?

Movie? Umm... Top Gun I think - it stunk, don't bother...

13. Favorite day of the year?

The second tuesday of next week...

14.How do you vent?

Talking... Er... Actually the tone that's between talking and yelling usually... ;-) Yelling at the cat always helps too! ;-)

15. What was your favorite toy as a child?

My stuffed animals <3

16. What is your favorite season?

Fall baby fall!

17. Cherries or Blueberries?

Cherries!! Man! Now I want some!

18. Do you want your friends to e-mail you back?

Sure thing...

19.Who is the most likely to respond?

I love that I was on the top of Lieren's list! :oD

20. Who is least likely to respond?

All the people I didn't send it tooo! ;-)

21. Living situation?

One room that I have to share with this cat that won't leave... In a house with the fam...

22. When was the last time you cried?

Lieren's answer was so sad!! :-( Umm... Last Monday I think? Something stupid...

23. What is on the floor of your closet right now?

Lol lots of stuff! Boxes, hamper, pile of laundry, bookshelf, plastic storage drawers...

24. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this


Lieren! :-)

25. What did you do last night?

History hw, then talked to Kate and HannahBeth...

26. What are you most afraid of?

Wow... I just can't beat Lieren's answer... I was gonna say the dark, spiders, and suffering, but she beat me so I won't... ;-)

27. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?

Plain - spicy and cheesy should never be with hamburgers ;-)

28. Favorite dog breed?

Golden Retrievers

29. Favorite day of the week?

Depends on the week...

30. How many states have you lived in?

Don't know... I'd have to ask my parents!

31. Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds I guess...

32. What is your favorite flower?

Dandelions... "Weeds are flowers too!" So sunny and cheerful and they smell amazing and I don't have any idea why people would pull them out! How would you feel if I came and pulled up your roses?? Huh? Huh? Yeah think about THAT! ;-)

33. Where was the place you've lived the longest?

Right here...

34. Out of all the places you've lived what is your favorite?

Ok so does living somewhere for 2 months could cause then Uganda!!! :oD

35. What do you want to do when you grow up?

Love and serve God, be a preschool teacher, love on God's kids, live in a different country, take a train trip, see a broadway musical, laugh more, smile big, give lots of hugs, cheer people up, travel travel travel, never be too busy for anyone...

35. At what age do you want to get married?

A: asap

B: 18-22

C: 22-26

D: 26-30

Can I add more choices?? There should be a E. 30-85...

36. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Boating!!! :oD

37. What is your favorite indoor activity?

Eating... Lol! Idk!! Lots I guess! :-P Depends on my mood!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

'Cause you're My little girl,
You're the one I created,
No one in this world could ever be like you.
When you're cryin' in the night,
All you need to do is call me,
I'll be there for you,
'Cause you're my little girl.

Cause I see you as a child,
Blameless in My sight,
Just spend some time with Me
And I'll make everything alright.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Something Wonderful

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 Tag

1. What did you do in 2011 that you'd never done before? Went to Africa, went to Florida, went to NYC, Ate 10 billion smoked turkey breast sandwiches at Panera, Rode a motorcycle(Boda), Broke a mirror without even touching it, Went Tubing down the Nile...

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don't think I did keep any... :-P Making more? Check out a previous post! :-)

3. Did anyone close to you have kids? Not really close, but my cousin had a baby - cutest baby EVER BTW! :o)

4. Did anyone close to you get married? My older sister Joooy! Oh wait... That was 2012... N/M :-P

5. Did anyone close to you die? Not close to me...

6. Did you travel? Africa, Florida, NYC, Mass, Indiana, Wisconsin, North Carolina...

7. Did you move anywhere? I move all the time! Oh you mean live somewhere else? No. :-P

8. What was the best month? June and July - no question.

9. What would you like to have in 2012 that you lacked in 2011? Stronger faith and trust in God, Tougher "skin"...

10. What date(s) from 2011 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? June 2nd - got on the plane for Uganda, June 3rd - Stepped out on African soil, August 1st - said goodbye to many of my favorite people, August 2nd - left my heart in Africa.

11. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Getting through school, Actually going to Africa...

12. What was your biggest failure? Falling into temptation, and not following God like I should have.

13. Did you suffer illness or injury? Depression

14. What was the best thing you bought? My computer, plane ticket to Africa, Chapati, my African bag... :-)

15. Whose behavior merited celebration?

Bee - Becoming my sister, going on wild adventures of a lifetime with me, talking for hours and hours, encouraging, holding me up, being a best friend...

Sam - Always being my best friend, and never giving up on me, sleep overs, rants, mix CDs, texts, pity parties and salty popcorn...

Janna - Always going along with my strange ideas, Panera trips (and those 10 billion smoked turkey breast sandwiches ;-)), movie trips, studying, complaining about school, late night chats, weird random texts, being a best friend, being awesome always...

Cathy - Being my sister, chats about everything from fashion to faith, her beautiful fun blog, the $80 worth of texts, her cute voice and beautiful style, her love and encouragement when I need a hug...

Lieren - She's so awesome, and I love seeing her and hanging out with her on Sundays, singing together, her and Aislinn taking over playing on the piano for church, bashing each other for not telling each other things, and so many other things! Love that gal! :-)

My Ugandan sisters and Mama's - we're family - now and forever! I miss them all so much!

16. Whose behavior made you appalled and/or depressed? My own...

17. Where did most of your money go? School and Africa

18. What did you get really, really, really excited about? Africa, visiting Bee all the different times, going to see Sam...

19. What song will always remind you of 2011? Tonight Tonight - Hot Chille Rae, "My God is so BIG! So strong and so mighty..." :-)

20. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder? Sadder
ii. thinner or fatter? Fatter
iii. richer or poorer? Poorer

21. What do you wish you'd done more of? Following God with everything in me, Laying down my life for others, being a better friend.

22. What do you wish you'd done less of? Being depressed...

23. How will you be spending New Year's Eve/Day? First a party at Grpa and Grma's, then a Party with Joy, then a date with Tom Cruise ;-)... New Years Day was church, and then an amazing visit with the S's and the E's :-)

24. What was an unexpected surprise? My sis getting engaged, how much I fell in love with my kids in Africa...

26. What was the best concert you've been to this year? None...

27. What were your favorite TV programs? Of 2011? NCIS, The Mentalist, Pan Am, Murder She Wrote... :-)

28. Do you dislike anyone now that you didn't dislike this time last year? *Grin* Wouldn't YOU like to know! :oD

29. What was the best book you read? "Completely Irresistible"

30. What was your greatest musical discovery? More Owl City, "You Are Good" - Point of Grace...

31. What did you want and get? To go to Africa, to see Bee and Sam, my own computer...

32. What did you want and not get? No more depression, to meet Cathy-girl and Sunny in person...

33. What was your favorite film of this year? Oh my word... No idea!!! The Help, Mission Impossible 4... :-)

34. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? I turned 20, and I honestly don't remember what happened on my b-day :-P I probably had school and a little party... :-)

35. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Following God more closely, and reading more good books.

36. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2011? Casual - jeans, t-shirts, sneaker-shoes, caprees (sp?), skirts, flip-flops, make-up free ;-)

37. What kept you sane? God and my besties

38. What political issue stirred you the most? Hmm... Not sure...

39. Who did you miss? The Kids, Mama's, and volunteer sister's from Uganda! So so SO much! So much it hurts!!! The W's from church... My Cousin Moe

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful Love!

Brand New

Lamentations 3:21-26

This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope.
Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
“ The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,

“ Therefore I hope in Him!”
The LORD is good to those who wait for Him,
To the soul who seeks Him.
It is good that one should hope and wait quietly
For the salvation of the LORD.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Snuggle up - it's cold outside ;-)

Happy New Years - Wow! 2012!

So I have been thinking all day about what to write in my Happy New Year post, and honestly I don't know what to say.

Tonight Dad asked us all to share something about this past year that has been big for us. And I didn't know what to say.

The obvious? "Well, AFRICA!" everyone pointed out.
But I couldn't start talking about it - because there is to much. And I felt the tears coming. So I couldn't.

There are no words for this past year.

No words.

Except these -

God is so good - sometimes life sucks, sometimes life is awesome, but over it all, God is good all the time.

My resolutions for the year?

1. Pass all my classes (especially Bio)
2. Graduate in the fall
3. Love God
4. Love others selflessly.

In closing, I shall leave you with the song of the day ;-)

Over and out peeps! Hope 2012 is awesome for you!! :-)