Monday, January 31, 2011

Going to bed EARLY tonight! *I Hope* :-P

I loooove big fluffy pillows and blankets, and LOOOTS of them!!! Just sayin! ;-) :-)
Like in hotels - they have lots of pillows and thick fluffy blankets, and I just gotta say, when I get the bed to myself (very rare when you have 2 sisters! ;-)), in the big bed! Ahh!!! :OD When I was house-sitting for my Grandparents in the summer I got to sleep in their KING size bed, and they had like down blankets, and TONS of pillows!! AHH! :OD My only complaint was that king size beds are to short! It is my humble opinion they should be EXTRA long! Like in Cinderella - the kings bed! I want that bed!! But I want it to be a little wider!! :OD Can't you just *imagine* sleeping in a bed like that???!!

Ok, so can you tell I'm like SUPER tired??? :-) Hehe!! Night peeps!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rather Depressed AKA - A bit of sunshine needed :-)

Yellow flowers make me smile - they are so summery and sunshiny. :-)

Homework makes me depressed - it is always there, never ending. And I didn't do hardly anything tonight, so tomorrow I will be behind, but I'm not sure I actually care.

Sappy movies like "Elevator Girl" makes me smile - *Guilty avoiding hw grin*

Psychology makes me depressed - it's stupid, weird, annoying, and I know I'm going to fail cause I won't remember the stuff for the exam.

Chocolate makes me smile - especially white chocolate!

Never getting to read "fun" books makes me depressed - especially after I already had one started, and now won't be able to finish probably till summer.

The amazing homemade hot spice tea mix Bee sent me makes me smile - it is like heaven in a cup it is THAT good!! :-)

My Besties going through hard times makes me worried - I love you girls like nuts!

Yellow flowers make me really really happy - just sayin'! ;-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A good letter :-)

"Ointment and perfume delight the heart,
And the sweetness of a man’s friend gives delight by hearty counsel" ~ Proverbs 27:9

"As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." ~ Proverbs 27:17

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to receive an encouraging letter from a dear friend! My dear friend Mary P. has been sending me SUCH encouraging letters lately, and I must say, after spending countless hours at school where there is such darkness and ungodliness, it is like a drink of cold clear water on a hot day to receive such godly, sweet, and encouraging letters! Each one points me back to God! They remind me of WHAT I am living my life for!
So thank you Mary! <3 <3 Yours is going to be popped into the mail tomorrow! <3
Why not take a few minutes to send an encouraging letter to a friend? It could be a friend who you know is going through a hard time, or it could be someone who you haven't talked to in a while, or it can just be one of your besties who you know would love to receive one!! :-) Doesn't have to be long - a short cheerful note in a card works! Or it can be pages and pages, depending on what you want to say, and how much time you have! :-)
So, go brighten someone's day with a good letter!!! <3 Believe me, they will love it! :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random? To you maybe... ;-)

May I just say how much I sincerely hate Psychology and English already, and I have only had one class, and haven't even read one chapter of psych (which is partly why I hate it, because I am behind in my homework, and I hate the book.).
I honestly do not care even one little bit about either. (Although I guess English will help me write better papers for my Deaf Studies classes, so that's good... I guess...). Especially psych. And the book smells funny - ew. *Wrinkles nose*
Ok, I am behind on homework, so back to work... Trying not to waste time, but sometimes I just can't help it! O:-) And it is sorta my fault that I'm behind cause I didn't do like any Friday all day, and then at night I went to bed instead of studying. Speaking of bed, that would feel sooo good at the moment... *Sighs*


"Every creature, every work of God, is admirably well made; but if any one appears imperfect in our eyes, it does not belong to us to criticize it. Perhaps that which we do not find right in its kind, turns to our advantage without being able to perceive it." ~ Laurent Clerc, Deaf man who helped to found the first school for the Deaf in America.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life ain't always a picnic

Well, God is still good today, just as He was yesterday and the day before, and all through eternity!
Life however is changing again, and I'm trying to gracefully slip back into the constant madness of a new semester with more and harder classes then ever before. Homework is already piled up, and it's still only day two, and I still have one more "first" class to attend on Tuesday! The stack of books I have to read chapters out of (sometimes several chapters) is growing with each class, aches and pains from a heavy backpack only add to the aches and pains I have from exercising this past week (thank you to Samantha for cheering me on!! <3 I failed today, but tomorrow is a new day! *Groans* ;-)). On top of classes, and homework, and studying, I have tutoring to go to, Deaf events, and work. This semester if I'm not working I'll be doing school.
Janna and I went out to lunch today, and knocked around the library for a while (we sat next to each other on different computers and chatted online - yes, we're lame, but we love it! ;-)), and generally had a sort of "School is started and next time we see each other we'll be so laden down with homework we'll only be able to study" *How'd I do explaining THAT one Janna? ;0)*
Anyways, so fun to have lunch with her, and I'm looking forward to doing lots of studying together this semester! <3 :-)
Ok, so now I need to get back to my reading - I'm not even done with the reading in one book, and I have a bunch of books after this one, so toodles!

Monday, January 17, 2011


(Photo Credit - jjoy7)

:-) So today was a good day! Mary and Anna P. came over, and Mary and I got to visit for a couple hours, and make cookies together, and just have a blessed time! <3 *Thanks for coming Mary! You know I always love to chat with you!!! <3 You encourage me sooo much!* :OD Then I took some cookies over to my neighbor by way of a thank you for driving me to one of my classes last semester, and she pulled me inside, took my coat, sat me down, and gave me tea and a lovely chat! :OD Then tonight was an STS meeting with some wonderful girls! Who thought business meetings could be so much fun??? :OD Yup today was a perfect way to end my break! :-) We might have a snow day tomorrow, we'll see, if we do I'll clean my bedroom and do laundry, if we don't I start work and school! I sorta hope the roads are good at least some point tomorrow cause I really want to go to my Grandparents and resend my Africa Application because it doesn't work for them since I sent it from my Mac. We'll see! :-)
God is so good!! <3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dorcas Lane

"The constant thought of others - if we forget about ourselves, our own selfish needs, or worries and uncertainties, well life does seem to flow more easily." ~ Laura quoting Dorcas.

Dorcas Lane is the main character of the TV series "Larkrise to Candleford", which Sam and I have been watching together. Since we have started the 3rd season, I have decided the time has come to do a post on a character who I would like to be more like.
And so here is a list of things I love about Dorcas Lane (in no particular order) - <3

1. She is a good friend, she's always there for people, willing to give advice, comfort, help, time, and encouragement. She is never to busy to stop and take a moment for someone.

2. She admits when she is wrong, and goes and apologizes. She may be stubborn, but not to much that she can't feel sorry and humbly apologize.

3. She is strong, but still cries. She doesn't like the tears rule her, or indulge in them to often, but she has a soft heart that often feels weak, and isn't afraid to let that show, but still stands strong in spite of that weakness.

4. She stands up for herself and others. She doesn't let people trample her or others. If someone is in need of someone sticking up for them, she's right there in the face of the oppressor protecting the weak. She doesn't let people oppressor her either.

5. She is stubborn and doesn't back down about what is right.

6. She speaks up for what's right, and isn't afraid of what people will think or say. If it is wrong, she will say so. She has a strong sense of truth.

7. She has faults, yet is not to proud to admit it. She makes mistakes but always makes amends.

8. She has a beautiful smile, and the beauty shines from inside.

9. She's fashionable, but not stuck up or below getting her hands dirty.

10. She is a hard worker, and able to run her post office with strength and dignity. She is able to take care of problems that comes up, and doesn't let her or her employees be taken advantage of.

11. She carries herself with grace and dignity.

12. She is independent, and able to take care of herself, but not above excepting help when she needs it, or admitting that she does indeed need it.

13. She doesn't put down either genders, but views everyone as equal.

14. She doesn't put people down, but even when she has to speak the brutal truth to someone, she always tries to be kind about it, while still being firm.

15. She is forgiving. She may cry over something being ruined, or be snappish towards someone, but in the end she always forgives and doesn't hold grudges.

16. She is loyal.

17. She loves people deeply and shows them.

18. She is optimistic and thinks the best of people.

19. She has a heart for children.

20. She is fiercely protective of those she loves.

21. She has enough room in her heart for many people.

22. She loves deeply but is able to let people go, and not to cling onto them when it is clear they must move on.

23. She appreciates each kindness that someone shows her, and always is gracious and kind in return.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Cuz I love this picture to much not to share it!
(Photo credit goes to Mrs. Skinner. :-) And on my other post many if not all the pictures were taken by someone other than me! ;-)).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I love us!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

God is truly in control!

Ok, so yesterday on Buzz, this was my answer to people's questions about my headbashing status (*Wink* ;-)), -" Oh, they changed my Deaf Culture class to be on Tuesdays AND Thursdays, at the same time I am supposed to babysit for a lady who will be going to college as well. I am so mad."
And yes, I will admit, I was really mad, because I had soooo been looking forward to babysitting, but it was the only Deaf Studies class I could take this semester, and the Director told me the options were take it or drop it. :-P So anyways, I called up the lady, and she was really cool about it, saying that she hadn't even gotten into the class yet, so not to worry etc etc, but I was still disappointed, cause I used to babysit for her, and it was my FAVORITE babysitting job ever!!! :OD (Besides your family of course Lieren! ;-) But I don't count you guys - to much like hanging out with friends to babysit for your siblings! Hehe!).
My buzz status this morning? -
"Ok, so in spite of hardships, God is very very good! And honestly, even when I am freaking out about things going wrong, I can always eventually see how God is working to work everything out! He is sooooo good to me!!!! Such as I was really disappointed about losing that babysitting job because of the change in one of my classes schedules. However the lady called me back this morning and said she got into a class on Tuesday mornings instead!!!!!! So I will still get to do it!!!! Wow!!! Imagine if I had waited to call her, like I was thinking about doing, she probably would have missed that last space in the class!!!! :OD (And it's at a closer college for her then the other one she was applying too!). Also, I was a little disappointed cause I ended up signing up for a General Psychology class, and my cousin had recommended a teacher to me, and I was hoping to take his class, but I just picked one off the list of the counselor's list, having NO idea who the teachers would be, (in the back of my mind before I looked when I got home, I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be amazing if I got into a class with that teacher? Maybe God will surprise me!"), and I looked and YES! I got into one of that teacher's classes!!! Yay!!!! It always amazes me to see that in spite of disappointments, and things going wrong, God sends down little "love notes" to say He is still there and taking care of, and directing EVERYTHING!!! Things don't just happen by chance peeps! God is in control!!!!! Sometimes I complain about how a lot of things go wrong in my life, but then when I actually stop and look there are sooo many times when I freak out over something, and then like just a little later something happens that could only happen if God's Hand was doing it, and I just stop and say - WOW! God you are AMAZING!!!!"
Can I just repeat that - GOD YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!
When all seems to be going wrong in your life, stop and watch God work!!! :OD

On another exciting note -
The week after Christmas I got my Passport applied for (haven't gotten it yet of course - it'll take longer than that). AND you will all be pleased to know I have sent off my volunteer application to Amani Baby Cottage in Uganda Africa just a few mins ago!!!!! I also wrote my Pastor friend about a letter of recommendation, (can't have my Pastor do it cause... He's my Dad :-P And we don't currently have other elders in our church), and sent my Dad the e-mail address he needs to send a letter of parental consent! I'll keep you all updated! :OD

Also want to post about some other stuff God has been teaching me, but have to run right now, it's 11:36, and I haven't done anything in regards to water for my poor two chickens out there. :-P Toodle pip pip for now!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!! :OD