Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dorcas Lane

"The constant thought of others - if we forget about ourselves, our own selfish needs, or worries and uncertainties, well life does seem to flow more easily." ~ Laura quoting Dorcas.

Dorcas Lane is the main character of the TV series "Larkrise to Candleford", which Sam and I have been watching together. Since we have started the 3rd season, I have decided the time has come to do a post on a character who I would like to be more like.
And so here is a list of things I love about Dorcas Lane (in no particular order) - <3

1. She is a good friend, she's always there for people, willing to give advice, comfort, help, time, and encouragement. She is never to busy to stop and take a moment for someone.

2. She admits when she is wrong, and goes and apologizes. She may be stubborn, but not to much that she can't feel sorry and humbly apologize.

3. She is strong, but still cries. She doesn't like the tears rule her, or indulge in them to often, but she has a soft heart that often feels weak, and isn't afraid to let that show, but still stands strong in spite of that weakness.

4. She stands up for herself and others. She doesn't let people trample her or others. If someone is in need of someone sticking up for them, she's right there in the face of the oppressor protecting the weak. She doesn't let people oppressor her either.

5. She is stubborn and doesn't back down about what is right.

6. She speaks up for what's right, and isn't afraid of what people will think or say. If it is wrong, she will say so. She has a strong sense of truth.

7. She has faults, yet is not to proud to admit it. She makes mistakes but always makes amends.

8. She has a beautiful smile, and the beauty shines from inside.

9. She's fashionable, but not stuck up or below getting her hands dirty.

10. She is a hard worker, and able to run her post office with strength and dignity. She is able to take care of problems that comes up, and doesn't let her or her employees be taken advantage of.

11. She carries herself with grace and dignity.

12. She is independent, and able to take care of herself, but not above excepting help when she needs it, or admitting that she does indeed need it.

13. She doesn't put down either genders, but views everyone as equal.

14. She doesn't put people down, but even when she has to speak the brutal truth to someone, she always tries to be kind about it, while still being firm.

15. She is forgiving. She may cry over something being ruined, or be snappish towards someone, but in the end she always forgives and doesn't hold grudges.

16. She is loyal.

17. She loves people deeply and shows them.

18. She is optimistic and thinks the best of people.

19. She has a heart for children.

20. She is fiercely protective of those she loves.

21. She has enough room in her heart for many people.

22. She loves deeply but is able to let people go, and not to cling onto them when it is clear they must move on.

23. She appreciates each kindness that someone shows her, and always is gracious and kind in return.


Be A Fun Mum said...

This is great! I've just started watching Lark Rise to Candleford and am already struck by Dorcas Lane's Character. Great post!

Aisy said...

I agree completely! I feel like Dorcas has become my new best friend.