Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life ain't always a picnic

Well, God is still good today, just as He was yesterday and the day before, and all through eternity!
Life however is changing again, and I'm trying to gracefully slip back into the constant madness of a new semester with more and harder classes then ever before. Homework is already piled up, and it's still only day two, and I still have one more "first" class to attend on Tuesday! The stack of books I have to read chapters out of (sometimes several chapters) is growing with each class, aches and pains from a heavy backpack only add to the aches and pains I have from exercising this past week (thank you to Samantha for cheering me on!! <3 I failed today, but tomorrow is a new day! *Groans* ;-)). On top of classes, and homework, and studying, I have tutoring to go to, Deaf events, and work. This semester if I'm not working I'll be doing school.
Janna and I went out to lunch today, and knocked around the library for a while (we sat next to each other on different computers and chatted online - yes, we're lame, but we love it! ;-)), and generally had a sort of "School is started and next time we see each other we'll be so laden down with homework we'll only be able to study" *How'd I do explaining THAT one Janna? ;0)*
Anyways, so fun to have lunch with her, and I'm looking forward to doing lots of studying together this semester! <3 :-)
Ok, so now I need to get back to my reading - I'm not even done with the reading in one book, and I have a bunch of books after this one, so toodles!


Enchanted said...

Perfect job explaining it! ;) Ugh, but seriously, I know how you feel with everything that's going on this semester. I read some of Psych today (ughhhh), but I still have lots of reading to get done (for my other class too). :/
I'm looking forward to studying lots with you too! <3