Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random? To you maybe... ;-)

May I just say how much I sincerely hate Psychology and English already, and I have only had one class, and haven't even read one chapter of psych (which is partly why I hate it, because I am behind in my homework, and I hate the book.).
I honestly do not care even one little bit about either. (Although I guess English will help me write better papers for my Deaf Studies classes, so that's good... I guess...). Especially psych. And the book smells funny - ew. *Wrinkles nose*
Ok, I am behind on homework, so back to work... Trying not to waste time, but sometimes I just can't help it! O:-) And it is sorta my fault that I'm behind cause I didn't do like any Friday all day, and then at night I went to bed instead of studying. Speaking of bed, that would feel sooo good at the moment... *Sighs*


Enchanted said...

Blech to Psych and English. :/ I'm kinda behind in my psych reading too. Actually, I'm a little bit behind in all my reading. I'm going to have loads of reading to do at the library tomorrow - goodbye to sitting around on facebook all afternoon. ;)