Monday, January 17, 2011


(Photo Credit - jjoy7)

:-) So today was a good day! Mary and Anna P. came over, and Mary and I got to visit for a couple hours, and make cookies together, and just have a blessed time! <3 *Thanks for coming Mary! You know I always love to chat with you!!! <3 You encourage me sooo much!* :OD Then I took some cookies over to my neighbor by way of a thank you for driving me to one of my classes last semester, and she pulled me inside, took my coat, sat me down, and gave me tea and a lovely chat! :OD Then tonight was an STS meeting with some wonderful girls! Who thought business meetings could be so much fun??? :OD Yup today was a perfect way to end my break! :-) We might have a snow day tomorrow, we'll see, if we do I'll clean my bedroom and do laundry, if we don't I start work and school! I sorta hope the roads are good at least some point tomorrow cause I really want to go to my Grandparents and resend my Africa Application because it doesn't work for them since I sent it from my Mac. We'll see! :-)
God is so good!! <3


Cathie said...

I want to have a sisterly business meeting... *sniffles* :) your day sounds lovely. I would LOVE To be pulled in and asked to tea, and have a lovely chat!!

Good luck with your application --I hope it goes well!! *hugs*

Lady Serena Staverley said...

Cathy love! Me and you ALWAYS have sisterly business meetings together!!! <3 <3 <3 And they make me sooo happy!!! Love you RPS!

I know! It was lovely!! And when I see you I shall pull you in and give you tea and a chat!!! <3 <3

Thanks!! *Hugs*