Monday, January 31, 2011

Going to bed EARLY tonight! *I Hope* :-P

I loooove big fluffy pillows and blankets, and LOOOTS of them!!! Just sayin! ;-) :-)
Like in hotels - they have lots of pillows and thick fluffy blankets, and I just gotta say, when I get the bed to myself (very rare when you have 2 sisters! ;-)), in the big bed! Ahh!!! :OD When I was house-sitting for my Grandparents in the summer I got to sleep in their KING size bed, and they had like down blankets, and TONS of pillows!! AHH! :OD My only complaint was that king size beds are to short! It is my humble opinion they should be EXTRA long! Like in Cinderella - the kings bed! I want that bed!! But I want it to be a little wider!! :OD Can't you just *imagine* sleeping in a bed like that???!!

Ok, so can you tell I'm like SUPER tired??? :-) Hehe!! Night peeps!


Cathie said...

I LOVE big beds with downy soft pillows and covers!! *sigh* How divine!! And I agree, beds should be so wide, they reach the 'edge of the world'! That is, if the world were square, and not round! ;)

Lady Serena Staverley said...

Oooh!!! I DO agree!!!
Oooh! But imagine if the bed was a big round one!!! (Flat of course!!! ;-)). I just thought of that - wouldn't that be interesting??? You could sleep smack dab right in the middle!!! :OD