Thursday, January 6, 2011

God is truly in control!

Ok, so yesterday on Buzz, this was my answer to people's questions about my headbashing status (*Wink* ;-)), -" Oh, they changed my Deaf Culture class to be on Tuesdays AND Thursdays, at the same time I am supposed to babysit for a lady who will be going to college as well. I am so mad."
And yes, I will admit, I was really mad, because I had soooo been looking forward to babysitting, but it was the only Deaf Studies class I could take this semester, and the Director told me the options were take it or drop it. :-P So anyways, I called up the lady, and she was really cool about it, saying that she hadn't even gotten into the class yet, so not to worry etc etc, but I was still disappointed, cause I used to babysit for her, and it was my FAVORITE babysitting job ever!!! :OD (Besides your family of course Lieren! ;-) But I don't count you guys - to much like hanging out with friends to babysit for your siblings! Hehe!).
My buzz status this morning? -
"Ok, so in spite of hardships, God is very very good! And honestly, even when I am freaking out about things going wrong, I can always eventually see how God is working to work everything out! He is sooooo good to me!!!! Such as I was really disappointed about losing that babysitting job because of the change in one of my classes schedules. However the lady called me back this morning and said she got into a class on Tuesday mornings instead!!!!!! So I will still get to do it!!!! Wow!!! Imagine if I had waited to call her, like I was thinking about doing, she probably would have missed that last space in the class!!!! :OD (And it's at a closer college for her then the other one she was applying too!). Also, I was a little disappointed cause I ended up signing up for a General Psychology class, and my cousin had recommended a teacher to me, and I was hoping to take his class, but I just picked one off the list of the counselor's list, having NO idea who the teachers would be, (in the back of my mind before I looked when I got home, I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be amazing if I got into a class with that teacher? Maybe God will surprise me!"), and I looked and YES! I got into one of that teacher's classes!!! Yay!!!! It always amazes me to see that in spite of disappointments, and things going wrong, God sends down little "love notes" to say He is still there and taking care of, and directing EVERYTHING!!! Things don't just happen by chance peeps! God is in control!!!!! Sometimes I complain about how a lot of things go wrong in my life, but then when I actually stop and look there are sooo many times when I freak out over something, and then like just a little later something happens that could only happen if God's Hand was doing it, and I just stop and say - WOW! God you are AMAZING!!!!"
Can I just repeat that - GOD YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!
When all seems to be going wrong in your life, stop and watch God work!!! :OD

On another exciting note -
The week after Christmas I got my Passport applied for (haven't gotten it yet of course - it'll take longer than that). AND you will all be pleased to know I have sent off my volunteer application to Amani Baby Cottage in Uganda Africa just a few mins ago!!!!! I also wrote my Pastor friend about a letter of recommendation, (can't have my Pastor do it cause... He's my Dad :-P And we don't currently have other elders in our church), and sent my Dad the e-mail address he needs to send a letter of parental consent! I'll keep you all updated! :OD

Also want to post about some other stuff God has been teaching me, but have to run right now, it's 11:36, and I haven't done anything in regards to water for my poor two chickens out there. :-P Toodle pip pip for now!!!


Sam said...

It is so incredibly amazing how He works things out! *hugs* God is GOOD.

HannahBeth said...

I got a little watery-eyed reading this, Amy! It's so amazing to me to see all the ways He's working in your life right now!

Olivia Joy said...

Woooow! So amazing my dear! I love when God gives us big moments in life to look at and go, "so You really are in control?!"

AND YAAAAAAY for Uganda!! :D

Maddie said...

Mmmm, it's amazing when God does things that seem like they are especially for YOU. It makes me love God so much. :D