Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!!"

So first off this post is in participation of getting in the Christmas spirit with my darling Cathy over at! You should all head over and read her beautiful and interesting blog, because it's one of my favorites, and I think it should be one of YOURS too! *Nod* So THERE!

So! Without farther a due (is that used and spelled properly???!) - My Christmas list!!

(The first two things are the only things I have sent to my Mom - so don't get them for me! She might be mad! ;-) I'll inform everyone after Christmas if I have gotten them or not, in case you care! Wow... That just sounded selfish! HAHAHA!).

1 -
YES! You read that right - I want a book called "Sketchy Behavior"! (And yes, English teachers out there one and all, my exclamation mark is OUTSIDE my quotation marks! So there BAM! Horror of horrors!! *Gasp* Moving on...). But no worries everyone! It is a book written by a Christian, and the "Sketchy" part is just that she likes to draw stuff... Mind at rest? Good! *Hopes I get it* ;-)

2 -
I don't think any explanation is needed for this item - it just looks all around awesome, so yeah... *Grin*

~~~~ *PAUSE ON THE LIST*~~~~~~
End of Mom only list ;-)
~~~~~~~~~*RESUME LIST*~~~~~~~~~

3. Ballet flats - I am in desperate need of new ones!! My old ones look absolutely terrible (and still cute cause they have polka dots, and I don't care how awful the shoes look - with polka dots you can never not be cute! ;-)). (P.S. I'm shoe size 7 1/2 ;-) *Hint Hint* ;-)).

4. Books - I drool in bookstores! (Ew.). But there you have it!! :-P Especially sweet, sappy, fluffy romance novels or stories about cool kids! ;-)

5. Money - to buy more books! ;-) Amazon gift cards anyone?? Lol! ;-)

6. - Mooovies!! :oD TV shows!!!

7. A pair of NICE black pants - my other one's are too short and they pick up dust and hair like nobody's business! Lol!

8. Shirts from this amazing store!!

There are also a few things I love to do around Christmas time, and here are two of them! :-)

1. - Operation Christmas Child! :-) I look forward each year to putting together a special box for one of Jesus' many kids all over the world! :-) It makes me happy! (And a great time to spend with Grandma and Grampa putting boxes together!). I also LOVE to make dolls to include in the boxes, but I didn't have time this year! *Sadness* Hopefully next year! :-) Anyways - go check out their website and get involved some year! :-)

2. - Heifer or World Vision, or another organization that gives food to people who need it! Basically you pick out what kind of animal you want to buy, and it gives it to a family somewhere! Such a blessing to be involved in something like that!! :-)

So Merry Christmas season peeps! Crank up the Christmas music, go bless some people with special gifts, and don't forget the TRUE meaning behind Christmas, and Who came to earth to save us!! :oD (And don't forget to eat cookies and drink Peppermint Hot Chocolate - my favorite!!! ;-)).


✿Cathie✿ said...

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see what a lovely person you are just through the items you wish for!! *hugs* Love you, girly! I hope ALL your dreams come true! Thank you for being a part of my project!