Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amazin' Friend!

This girl - what can I say except she's amazing and I love her like nuts!!! :OD
When I first met Olivia on a Christian girls forum, I was stuck right away with how friendly and sweet she was! I remember how after we met in the "meeting room" not to long after that she sent me a private message saying she was hoping we could write back and forth and get to know each other better - little did I know what an amazing friendship would start right at that moment!
I admire Livy SO much - she has such a passion for Christ and has helped me grow in the Lord in SO many ways! We laughed together, talked seriously, joked, told secrets, prayed together, cried together, and she has become such a dear sister in Christ.
Another thing that I love about Olivia is her passion for missions. After finding out that we both had a similar passion we have been able to support and encourage each other a lot in that area - I am so blessed to have ended up with a friend who has that same calling as me! We talked for sooooo long about our dreams of becoming missionaries, and now she is the first one to be taking that big step! Yes folks, she's off on an amazing mission adventure, and I am sooo excited for her - my missionary minded sister - being the first to have that dream start to come true!
Darling - you are in my thoughts, prayers, and heart! Have an amazing trip, and I can't wait till you return and we have that next video chat and you can tell me alllllllll about it! (Including much that I'm sure you are going to tell me in e-mails! *Hint hint and stern glare* ;-) ;-) JK!).
Today I received her graduation picture and a sweet note! That pic is going up on my wall - that beautiful friendly smile will brighten up my day when I see it!
Love you dear friend and sister! Have an amazing time! *Heart*


Cathie said...

*sad sigh*

I'm going to miss that girl. Do you hear that Livvy?! Or read... actually. :P

Amy, stop making me cry with your posts. Seriously.

Olivia Joy said...


I am gonna cry. :)

This is so special.

Thanks my dearest Amy.