Sunday, February 27, 2011

To My Dad

To My Dad

With Love from Amy

My Dad - Wow! What an incredible guy!

My Dad is a caring, smart, wise, godly, persistent, adventurous, truth-loving, “out of the box” kinda guy! His diligence to preserver in the Lord’s calling in his life as a pastor, even when times were really rough and he was going through “the valley of the shadow of death” is truly inspiring, and his example I know helps me push through things now, and I know it will help me later in life as well. He has always provided for us, even when it was through really hard jobs, but he also had a firm faith in God, so if he felt that God was calling him to quit a job, or something, even if there was no visible means of support in sight, he would always take that step of faith, and God proved Himself faithful over and over again.

My Dad has always loved the truth, and once God opens his eyes to something he might be wrong about, he never stops searching until he finds the truth. He is open minded, and a good listener. When someone comes to him and shows him from the Word of God how he might be wrong, he searches it out and then changes.

Over the years I have seen so many great and amazing changes in my Dad has God has continued to hold onto his heart. I’m sure he sometimes feels like his family can’t see his amazing efforts, but I for one certainly can.

My Dad and I always got along when I was little, and then I hit the teenage years, and we began to clash, but what I find amazing about my Dad is that over the often painful teen years he always had the desire to get a hold of my heart - he had turned his hearts to his children, and would stop at nothing to win their hearts back. He spent, I’m sure countless hours in prayer and thinking and trying different things, and slipping, and getting back up again in trying to find ways to reach me in my confusion and pain of life. Yes, both of us had many times when we would “fall”, and end up fighting, but one thing that has always amazed me about my Dad is how he never ever failed to come and apologize and ask for forgiveness from me, even when it was often largely my own fault! His humble and forgiving example has taught me so much, and has helped me learn humbleness and forgiveness towards others.

Growing up my Dad always gave us the gift of his time - even when he was super tired he would invent games that he could still play with us while lying on the couch at the end of a long and hard day at work. I know he always viewed that time with regret that he didn’t do more, but I don’t remember the times that he couldn’t spend with me - I just remember the fun we had playing those little games that seemed so meaningless but actually meant so much, and always showed us that he still cared about us the most, and always had time for us, no matter how tired and beat up he was.

One of my favorite things about my Dad is how much he loves music - some of my favorite memories when I was little was when he would play the piano, and Joy and I would dance around, or played the harmonica - especially on Sunday mornings - beautiful hymns! And in later years how he learned the Banjo, ukulele, and penny whistle! I love to listen to him playing in the living room! Also his love of other sorts of music, and all the evenings we’ve all spent dancing around like crazy people in the living room!!! :OD Best memories ever!

Another thing my Dad has always done is taken us kids out on special lunches, and also on our birthdays! And he’ll often just sit there and let us blabber away, and just listen and discuss things with us! Such wonderful memories! :-)

Lately my Dad has been so sweet and amazing, even as I go through the ups and downs of becoming an adult. Sometimes I’ll be freaking out, and he’ll come and just say, “Hey, what’s going on? You ok?” And it means SO much to me. He’s such a good listener, and always lets me know he’s there for me. I feel like I’m growing closer and closer to my Dad every day.

He’s also been an amazing support to me lately in school, and as I have been preparing to take my first mission trip - support that has been much needed.

No, neither of us are perfect, but I truly believe that no matter what happens in life my Dad will always love me and be there for me.

God has given me an amazing Dad - one who I wouldn’t trade for anyone else in the whole world!

Thank you Lord for my Dad!

Dad - I love you!