Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Blessed. I am truly truly blessed!
Amidst the pain, depression, stress, hurt, messy house, and hard work; I am blessed.
Even when I feel like I can't face another day; I am blessed.
When I feel like God isn't there - I only need to look around me to see He is - because I am blessed.
I receive a encouraging word from a dear friend and I realize - I am blessed.
I receive amazing and generous gifts from people I went to bless and I see - I am blessed.
I have shoes on my feet, food to eat, and a roof over my head, and no matter how messy the floor is - I am blessed.
I see my kitty-cat snuggled at the bottom of my bed and I remember - I am blessed.
Someone gives me a hug and I feel - I am blessed.
God provides - I am blessed - so blessed!
Lord, help me to live each day with the joy and knowledge that I AM BLESSED!!