Friday, March 18, 2011

In Which I am Stalked by a Cat

BREAKTHROUGH! Diego the cat suddenly started stalking me today, after ignoring or running from me for the past 7 days! :-P And THEN he let me pet him and pick him up for a minute!!! O_O O_O He must be DESPERATE! Couldn't even wait for my cousin Max to come home from school! Guess it's serious! ;-) (And no, the pic is not of him, but he IS a fluffy black cat - his nose is more puggy though! ;-)).

Anyways - I'm kinda loving NJ! :-) Plus we've been having GORGEOUS weather! :OD In the upper 60's today! I have some windows open, and the door open! (With the screen door closed of course! ;-)). And I've been going for walks - Ahh!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! :OD
What are some things I love about NJ? -
Their Christian radio station - LOVING it! :OD
No school - ;-) (Oh wait, I guess this could apply to anywhere other than CT ;-))
The little Country Cafe Coffee Shop - sooo cute! (Livs - you would LOVE it! I wish I could take you!!).

Sooo yeah, I'm SO not ready to go back to home and school!!! I like being on my own a bit more, and I am pretty depressed about school! (I want to drop out like yesterday... :-P). Seriously wondering about next fall... Hope something else comes up! ;-) We'll see!!! :-)

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!! Enjoy the spring weather if you have it!!!!


Sam said...

lol. That cat has QUITE the personality!