Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy? You bet!!

We are getting closer and closer to going to Africa - our plane tickets are bought, and more and more things are falling into place. Each time I think about it, I am blown away once again - I AM GOING TO AFRICA!!! We have a SET day to leave! A plane GOING TO AFRICA has our names as passengers. Is God amazing or what???

Yes, I am terrified - "Am I crazy?" I question myself, and the answer is - I SURE AM!!! I am CRAZY for God! I am CRAZY for His calling on my life! I am CRAZY excited to set off that plane in AFRICA! I am CRAZY excited to met the little ones at ABC!!!! I am CRAZY scared about all that is going to happen - good and bad! I am CRAZY happy Bee will be going with me!! I am CRAZY in love with my God!!!! I am going to follow Him even if other people point at me and call be CRAZY! All I will tell them is - You bet! :OD :OD You bet I'm crazy! And I'm going to strive to live CRAZY for the rest of my life! Live CRAZY for God!!! :-)

I told my Deaf teacher yesterday about how I was going to Africa, and he got so super excited, I had to smile! He's from Africa himself originally, as is his wife! CRAZY cool! :OD

Ok Lord, what's the next CRAZY thing you want me to do?? :OD I'm ready!


Cathie said...

AMY!!!! I'm not yelling, I'm screaming. With excitement and pride and happiness!! You be as crazy as you like, girl!! I love this post!

Olivia Joy said...

Crazy is BETTER! Join the crazies in Africa!


HannahBeth said...

I love having you to be crazy with, Amy!!! Normal people are just weird...crazy is an awesome, amazing place to be, especially when it's CRAZY for God! :D I love you so much, dear Amy!

Enchanted said...

Love it!! I'm really excited for you! :D