Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Allllmost! :-) And other random facts

Only 15 more days before school is out! EEP!! :OD Can NOT wait!!!
Enjoyed meeting the sister's dude this past week end!
Been watching The Waltons a lot - LOOve it! I love the family, and all the kids! :-)
Registered for classes next semester... woot woot? :-P Excited though cause Janna and I will have a class together - YAY! :OD
Have soooo much work to do! ACK!
Looking forward to the homeschool convention this weekend! But I can't really afford the time! SOOO much to do! ACK! :-P

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wait, My Child, Wait.

"Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD!" ~ Psalm 27:14

Who Am I?

I stare into my tea cup, the question once again racing through my mind, "Lord, who am I?" and most importantly "Who do YOU want me to be?"
Honestly, at this moment, I have no idea. I don't know where I am going, and I don't know what steps to take to get there.

Honestly I miss being a homeschooler sometimes. Yeah, it wasn't always my favorite thing, but I sure love all the people in that world. I miss them. I miss the sweet fellowship we would have. I miss wearing skirts everyday. I miss being part of the group that declared that no way in a million years would I ever go to college and spoke against it.

But. I changed. Why? I can answer you right now - I was going crazy. I love the life - but I don't live on a farm, I don't have loads of little siblings to help out with, I had NOTHING TO DO. And I am a DO it person, and it was slowly eating me away. I had a lot of depression, and hated my life. And so, it was either sit at home doing nothing but cleaning and staring at the computer (yes, I could have done crafts and things, but depression is a weird thing), or go to college. I went to college. Sometimes I hate my choice. Sometimes I bash myself and say, "Why did I choose this?" But I felt God was calling me there to learn sign language, and each new class I took I loved it more. And I still love that part of it, although I do hate college. But I don't know where else I am supposed to be... I honestly don't know if God wants me to finish out my degree, or go onto something else, or WHAT! Right now the only leading I have is to go back for at least one more year, and finish the Deaf studies classes at least, and then just see about the rest.

But now, I fit in nowhere - I don't fit into college (and I sure never want too!), and I don't quite fit into the homeschool world who is against college. That is where my heart is - plop in the center - but I don't know where I stand.
So at the moment I just enjoy each little taste of it I get - some dear church friends came over today (soo refreshing to visit with them!!!), and at the end of the month have a homeschool convention (staying with the S.'s and the E.'s at the hotel! EEP! :OD I can NOT wait!!!).
Being with dear Christian friends, getting Mary P.'s weekly letters, etc feeds my dry soul.

Lately I feel like I am wondering through a desert. I know Jesus has a hold of my hand, leading me, and sometimes He is just simply carrying me, but to be with like minded Christians who are just so encouraging is sooo nice!!

I am going for my Yellow Fever shot next week for Africa (ACK! Prayers please for this needle phobic girl!!). I can't wait to be on that plane - I know I am going to grow in so many ways this summer, and I am looking forward to drawing closer to God as well!

God, You are good! You are amazing! You will get me through this life and lead me! Show me Your ways!