Friday, May 20, 2011


So I had an amazing trip with Joy this past week! It was great to spend some time with her and her bf, and also get to touch down and see my Africa buddy Bee and get to help out at the mission she works at!!! Amazing stuff happening up there!! :-) And I was so blessed and encouraged by all the godly women I met!!! For more on that please visit (And feel free to comment on any of the posts - comments always encourage me to want to keep posting, and I'm sure it does the other girls as well! :-)).

Now less than two weeks to go before I am stepping onto that plane bound for Africa! O_O EEK!! Sooooo close! My remanding time here in the States will be taken up with packing, visiting with friends, packing, video chatting, packing, sleeping, reading, packing, last minute shopping, packing, freaking out, hugs goodbye, laundry, prayers, prayers, prayers, prayers, more hugs, a trip to Concord with a bestie, packing, sleeping... Oh, you get the picture and want me to shut up now?? Aww *Pout* How rude... ;-)

Want to hear a list of what I bet Bee/HannahBeth will be doing these next couple weeks too???? Packing, sleeping, packing, visiting with family, packing... WHOA! Are you telling me to shut up again????? Shucks! ;-)

I hope I don't forget to pack something... I need to sit down and make a list! :-P


Olivia Joy said...

Oh the joys of packing...just make sure you have your essentials, packed and in your suitcase, and the rest should be fine. And take your computer and camera in your carry-on as well as anything else valuable or essential!