Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Since she says it better than I ever could...

Ok, so since there is NO way I would be able to sum up what I am feeling right now, I have stolen something my dear friend Olivia wrote shortly before her trip to Africa (she's home now!! WELCOME HOME LIVY!!!). And it says what I am feeling so well! <3

"People ask me if I am excited, and I say "yes!!". Then they ask if I am scared and I say, "I think if I wasn't scared something wouldn't be right." Of course I am scared. But what is even scarier is that I bet I am going to see God working through me while I am a scared little American graduate weakling in the middle of a foreign country with people who know what they are doing...and I don't. I just need to learn to be accepting of my ignorance and weaknesses. And I need to learn how to trust that my Lord will use me despite my imperfections." ~ Olivia from