Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Encouragement - it's a big long word for a good reason! But can be done in so many even SMALL ways. I think it's something that the giver doesn't think overly that much about, but it means sooo much to the receiver. One little word, a smile, a "you can do it! I know it!" can change so much about how a person views the challenge they are going through, life, others, and themselves. So many times when I am going through sometime challenging and I feel discouraged, either I'll be talking to a good friend and they give me encouragement, or the little things someone has said in the past pops into my mind, and I feel... well... encouraged! :-)

So, make it a goal to go out of your life to be an encouragement to others - you can make a HUGE difference in people's lives! Believe me - I know! I have some really encouraging friends!!


✿Cathie✿ said...

I'm going to make it a habit to encourage others to encourage me from now on! ^_^

lol, don't mind me dear. I feel so silly today...

This is a beautiful post. And encouraging and being encouraged is just something that we all need so much, and really need to appreciate more and be generous with.


Rachel Keeth said...

Great post! Encouragement is so important, it is wonderful to have friends that will encourage you with whatever is going on in your life!