Friday, August 12, 2011

Home again

Well, I have currently been home from my dear Africa for a little over a week now. As excited as I was to see everyone (and still loving seeing them all) I find I miss my beloved babies, Mama's, and friends made in Africa more and more each day. Seems like the pain should get better as the days go by, not worse. But I know I am in God's plan. And I am so blessed - each day I see His great blessing on my life, and as I think back over my trip I see it over and over again. I am so blessed to have gotten to even have a small part in these amazing people's lives!!! :-)

Since I must be home (;-)), I am enjoying having a bit of summer before school starts in full blast on the 29th. I'll have a full work load this coming semester, so trying to hang out with people, and do relaxing things before I disappear for several months! ;-) Don't give up on me peeps! I love you all so much and I need your prayers so much. Last semester was tough, and I need prayers to stay faithful in my times worshiping my amazing Savior. If you see me getting off track, slap me up - I'll need it! ;-)

Lately I've been exercising at my Uncle's exercise bootcamp - really good but challenging! :-P Want to make sure I get a good base to exercising before school starts so hopefully I'll keep it up over the semester!

I'd also love prayers about job stuff - I'd love more housecleaning jobs or something else. I'll have a couple babysitting jobs already, which will be nice. :-)

Ooh! New news - I now have a car! God was so good to me and worked it all out! I am still amazed about it all! :0) Wow, I serve and amazing and awesome God!!!

Well, more soon I'm sure! :-)