Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My God is so BIG!

"My God is so BIG so strong and so mighty - there is NOTHING my God cannot do - FOR YOU!" ~ Children's song

This evening I have been re-reading a book which inspired me years ago and which God used to set the ball rolling to change the whole course of my life. If you ever get a chance to read the story of Lillian Trasher, who was a missionary to Egypt who ran an orphanage there, you should! Her story is amazing, and wow, it inspires me all over again. :-) Why have I waited all these years to read it again??? :-)
One thing that keeps striking me about her story is her complete and utter trust of God to provide for her, protect her, and lead her in every aspect of life. She lived totally by faith in every aspect of her life. And God always came through and provided for her. She had no fear of traveling around the dangerous Egyptian countryside, because her answer to other people's fears? "God is my protector." And He did, to the end of her life.

As I have been reading it tonight, my heart races and I think, "Well, if I ever do that, I'm not sure if I would raise support, or try to live by faith. I mean, what if someone didn't hand me money or food suddenly at the last minute???"
WHOA! AMY! Rewind and FREEZE! For one thing - there is no TRYING to live by faith - if God calls you to do that, you don't TRY you just DO. Secondly - if for some reason the thing wasn't provided at the last minute, doesn't living by faith mean having FAITH that God knows just what He is doing??? And then suddenly He brings to mind the many many MANY ways He has provided for me suddenly, at the last minute, in ways which I could never even imagine - and I have never been at the point of starving or anything at those points. No, our God is so BIG and so STRONG and so MIGHTY there is NOTHING our God canNOT do for you! How I pray I can grow to have the same strong, deep, trust and faith in my Savior and GOD as Lillian Trasher - my inspiration - did so many years ago. How I pray I will be able to someday walk through "the valley of the shadow of death" and "fear no evil" because I KNOW HE is with me! How I pray I will be able to sit down at the empty dinner table, and pray over the food that isn't there because I KNOW HE is going to take care of me, and whoever else He has put in my care like George Muller did. How I pray I will be able to make quick smart decisions because I KNOW HE is the One who is guiding me through everything - just like Gladys Alward did when she had to lead so many children over the mountains to safety. How I pray I will be able to love that sick and dying person even if it puts me at risk, because I KNOW HE is the One who has life and death in His Hand.

God - if living by faith is what You have for me - give me the faith and the trust needed.

P.S. The song "My God is so big" reminds me of all the amazing times of singing with the children in Africa - I loved it when they added on "For YOU!" at the end of each line and would point to me - and I'd point right back, cause I KNOW it's true! :-)


✿Cathie✿ said...

Big smile. I want you to point at me and sing "FOR YOU" too, when I'm down. :)