Thursday, October 6, 2011


One more post before I get to 100!!! Woop woop!!! :oD

Random things -

Random thing #1 - Sunday marked the day of being home for exactly two months. two months since I have seen any of my beloved members of my Ugandan family. two months since I have truly been about to hold little ones that completely have my heart. Two months since I have received baby kisses. Two months since I have been called "daughter" by a whole bunch of mama's who I hated to leave. Two months since I have lived with other amazing girls who share my passion and who love those kids as much as I do! Two months since I have rode a Boda. Two months since I've had a peanut butter milkshake with Emily. Two months since I have gotten to help the most amazing preschool teacher ever/my twin bro Katie in preschool. Two months since I have gotten to since kid praise songs as loud as I can!!!
Ahh! Miss it all soooo much!!! Praying praying PRAYING for the spring of 2013 to come quickly and that it would be God's will to send me back there for a couple months before heading elsewhere in the world.
Ah! I long so much to be overseas again!!!

Random thing #2 - Most of you probably know, but my older sister/roommate/bestest friend Joy just got engaged this past weekend!!! Woot!!! :oD I'm gonna be a Maid of Honor. It is sooo weird to think of an event that her and I have talked about for years and years is going to happen in just a couple months!!!!! (No more late night chats about what we want our guy to be like I guess! Or who we have crushes on! ;-) Gets boring when you already know who the crush is! ;-) LOL!!!! :-P). Sooo excited for them!!! :-) Starting to plan the shower now!!! :o)

Random thing #3 - I want it to be December already. :-P Wading my way through classes, and except for one oversight that made me miss a deadline (*sad*) everything is going fine. :-) Not looking forward to two more semesters of this though and maybe summer classes! Uuugg!!! But I can do it! *Determined not* Happy now that I'm behind in my Deaf studies classes cause Ashley and I are in the same class this semester, and will be next semester too. She's a blast. Which, BTW leads me to random thing # 4 -

Random thing #4 - There is a marshmallow stuck to my car. Ashley's fault... Don't even ask! :-P

Random thing #5 - Just realized I have to leave in like 5 minutes for babysitting for the afternoon. O_o Guess that means this post is over! Haha!!!!

More later!!! :o)


Madeline said...

Fun post Amy!!
#1 - You poor thing! I'll be praying for you! What other countries would you like to be a missionary to?
#2 - That is sooo exciting!! And I can't believe Meg gets to be a bridesmaid!! :D Haha, the crush thing is funny. :D
#3 - will come quickly!! Don't worry!
#4 - Wow. That sounds interesting. :)
#5 - I can't wait to hear more about Amy!
Love ya!