Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who Painted the Moon Black???

If you have never heard Hayley Westenra, fix that right now. ;-) One of my favorites by her ^

Anyways, I know I have just been posting a lot of videos lately, and not many real posts, but what can I say? I love the songs and want to share, and my life is really boring these days - just school, babysitting, cleaning, and trying to plan my sista's wedding shower. Ah life. Can't wait for December 16th... 2013 - HOPEFULLY I will be graduated!!! If not then I look forward to May 2013, but I sure am hoping to be done WAY before then! *Nod*

How am I doing? No clue - know I'm ready to be done with school though. :-P Want to be on a plane bound for somewhere sooo badly! I have nooo idea where God is going to lead me after graduation, but I'm excited for wherever that is. And yes I DO know this is pretty much all I talk about these days, but what can I say? It's pretty much all I think about too. Lol. :-P But God gives grace for each and every day, and I know He's got a plan in mind for having me at school right now, so I'm trusting Him! :-)

Went up to visit my bestie Sam this past weekend - dang we had a good time! Love that girl like craziness! And miss her again! Can't wait for the next time!! :-) It was a much needed rest for both of us! And I love seeing her younger siblings too - so much fun! :-)

Hmm... It seems like I had something I was planning on writing a blog post about, but apparently it has flown from my brain like so many other thoughts. (I currently have a note to myself written on my hand to email my prof. because I totally kept forgetting. Lol. ).

Goodnight world.


✿Cathie✿ said...

I love Hayley's songs. I play this song whenever I am especially sad.. Sometimes it makes me even sadder, but it's that sort of a song.

Boring? You seem to have a lot more going on than I do! :P It's hard to wait for things to happen, isn't it?