Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Math... (Or any school for that matter! ;-)).

P.S. I'm doing some research on Dyslexia, because a friend of mine was telling me about it, and after hearing and reading a bit about it, I'm pretty sure that's what my troubles in learning come from. So after I do some more research I will write a big blog post about it, and hopefully it will be helpful to someone else too! :-) Just thought I'd warn you about what I shall be doing during my winter break! ;-) ;-) ;-) It actually is really really interesting to me!!! :-) (P.S. Come to find out, dyslexia is more than just flipping letters and reading backwards. Because I don't do either of those things. There is a lot more to it, which you can find out by either waiting for my blog post, or looking it up yourself! :-) Or asking me what I have learned about it so far next time you talk to me! ;-) ;-)).