Thursday, December 16, 2010

Um, yeah, that's totally me! :-P

"The hidden nature of dyslexia - not knowing what to expect or when the difficulty will manifest itself..." - Sally Shaywitz

"As a (dyslexic) child gets older, she may resort to using words that lack precision or specificity to cover up her retrieval difficulties, such as using vague words like 'stuff' or 'things", instead of the actual name of the objextt. Sometimes it is hard to follow the conversation of a dyslexic because the sentences are filled with pronouns or words lacking in specificity, 'You know, I went and picked up the stuff and took it therre. The things were all mixed up, but I got the stuff anyway." It is important to remember that the problem is with expressive language and not with thinking. She knows exactly what she wants to say; the difficulty is with pulling out the right word." - Sally Shaywitz

"As a dyslexic child matures into adulthood, his speech continues to show evidence of the difficulties he has getting to the sound structure of words. His speech is littered with hesitations; sometimes there are many long pauses, or he may talk around a word, using many indirect words in place of the single word he can't seem to come up with." - Sally Shaywitz

This is one of the most frustrating things for me!!! I so often just CAN NOT find the right word, and end up screaming, "ARGH! NEVER MIND! I CAN'T STAND MYSELF!!" (Or I may even use stronger language such as hate! O_O *Gasp gasp* ;-)). I hesitate a lot, and say, "Umm..." A lot as my brain is searching for what I'm even talking about. I also often talk like the sentence above. I caught myself doing all this stuff several times today!!!!!! :-P Very interest...

Sorry, you all are just going to have to bear with me as I dig into my dyslexia research! This is key to finding out about my own learning styles, making things easier for my siblings (And maybe for me as well), and maybe to helping homeschool Mom's who may have dyslexic children! And I love to type up what I'm learning about, so be prepared! ;-)