Thursday, December 2, 2010

School Stress!!!

First, if you haven't commented on my other post and answered my question about what makes YOU feel loved, please go do that now. It will only take you one minute, and will make me extremely happy. :-)

I AM SO STRESSED OUT!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Finals and evaluation for ASL stuff coming up!
My VG class I'm not to worried about - I DO have to do some study for that one, but I SHOULD be ok... I hope... I also have an annoying paper I have to write - blech. It's 15% of my grade, to big to skip it do you think? ;-)
My ASL 3 class - ALL WORK FINISHED!!! WOOT!!!!! :OD Handed in my last paper and final exam vid tonight! We'll still have class, but yay! :-)

So, there are the only two good things... ;-)
Bad stressful things -
Deaf culture class - STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I not only have a Research Paper due next week (only 4 pages long, and I have most of the info, just have to write it and give an oral report - blech, hate those!). And the exams are sooo hard. I have done really horrible on the last two. There is a lot of essay involved, and I'll have to make sure I know all the answers to the book questions we've had over the whole semester, because he is going to pick and choose, and he does pick the weirdest, randomest ones sometimes! Grrr! (That's two books worth BTW! *Head bash*). So yeah, I'm hoping for a passing grade - is that a C or C+?? That's ok with me! Just please let me pass God! Please!!!!!!!!!!

Evaluation for seeing if I can go to ASL 4 next Thursday -
AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone say stress, nervousness, fear, feeling ill? Yes, this is with the Director of the Deaf studies program, and my teacher Job (glad it's Job though, because I'm used to his style of signing.). I'm most worried about the fact that they are going to show us a video and we will have to either write down what it's about, and what the person says, or interpret it, or both. I'm SOOOOO bad at that!!! If I don't pass... Well... Let's just say trusting God is hard right now!

So, prayers would be soooooo wonderful!!!! Not only that I would not be stressed, that I would pass my classes, and not be nervous, but that I would trust that what ever happens, God knows best!!!!!! Sooooo hard to do sometimes, but I DO know that, I just need to act on it! He is sooo good to me, and no matter what happens, it's in His Hands. He's the one who sent me into this program in the first place, and if He wants to take me out, then... I'll shed some tears and get out. But, I don't want to just give up either, just because I fail or something, I want to only get out if I KNOW God doesn't want me there any more. I don't believe that every thing that goes wrong is a sign from God that we should stop doing something, but rather there are some things He wants us to be strong about and overcome. And that's what I want to do, until He really shuts all doors and windows in my face, and paints a big sign that says, "NO AMY! YOU'RE DONE WITH THIS. I WANT YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE."

I need prayer about money as well please. School is expensive!!! My care-taking job has been downsized a bit, so I've lost some money there. But I DID get a call today from a friend of a lady who I used to babysit for, and she wants to meet me, and maybe have me babysit/nanny her kids when she goes back to nursing school. We'll see how that works out, because of my school schedule makes me less flexible then I used be, but I'm really hoping it will work out! God seems to have opened this door for me. I did nothing to pursue this, my old "boss" just gave her friend my number, and her friend called me today, so we'll see!!!! Also, I'm working on saving money for a missions trip this year with HannahBeth, Lord willing. I'm praying about everything right now! But money is a big thing on my mind. *Sheepish* I'm trusting you Lord!! Or trying too! <3

Well, like I said, go comment on my other post!!! :-)
Night all... Er... Good morning. *Sheepishly looks at clock and dreads the days ahead with late nights*

Oh, and my resolve - NO TV OR MOVIES TILL AFTER THE 16TH! MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! If you hear I lazed around instead of studying, beat me. I'm serious here.
Thank you!

Love you all!! Sweet and salty dreams!! <3


Enchanted said...

I'm praying for you girl! Just keep doing what you're doing - working hard and trusting God!! :) I'll especially keep you in my prayers during your evaluation! Is that this coming Thursday, the 9th?
I hope everything works out, and you can get that babysitting job too! <3