Monday, December 27, 2010


Things I want to do on my vacation -

1. Read - Why do I laze around when I could use the time to read????
2. Sew - I have so much I want to make - and my silly sewing machine had to up and get mad at me! *Sighs and shakes head* What a time to choose to not work right!

Things I need to do -

1. Clean house
2. Clean A.C.'s apartment
3. Drop off passport application and get that all set
4. Put the Christmas cards I wrote out into the mail - yes, I know it's after Christmas, but what can I say? ;-)


Although today was a bit of a flop, I did get the two baby blankets I am making finished, and spent some time with Kay just being silly and then watching a movie - haven't done that with her in a while, so I guess today wasn't a TOTAL flop! ;-)

Ok, I'm tired! Off to bed!! :-) (VIDEO CHAT WITH BEE TOMORROW!!! EEEP! :OD).


Enchanted said...

Aw! That's too bad that your sewing machine doesn't work. :/

Oh, I know what you mean though. I had lots of reading I wanted to do too, and I've hardly done any at all so far. O_o

I'm glad your day wasn't a total flop! ;) mine kind of was today...not that it was a bad day, just that I didn't do *anything* productive. :P