Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That special calling!

Do you have a special calling that you believe God wants you to pursue? Does it just gives you excited shivers to think about it? Do you want to run and tell everyone? Can you not wait to get started? Does it make you smile, and cry at the same time? Do you get a ache in your heart when you hear of something that goes wrong with someone else in that area? Does it make you want to hide under the covers for the rest of your life sometimes, and yet you know you just CAN'T? Does it light your heart on fire, and shoot passion through your heart?

I know mine does that for me! Orphans are my calling! I want to rescue them, hold them, love them, tell them about Jesus, wash and dress them, feed them, find them, feel their little hands on my face, wipe their tears and comfort them, care for them, give up my whole life for them, play with them, be with them when they are sick, rejoice with them when they are well. When I think about it, it lights my heart on fire, it makes me know that God is calling me to lay down my life in that way someday. One step at a time I am getting closer and closer, and when I reach it, I know there is no turning back. Each step I take scares me more, but I can't turn back. I have to move forward, because I hear His voice, gently calling me away from everything I know, and am comfortable with. Every big decision I make I think about them, God's little children who need His people to care for them here on earth. Someday I know I will probably have to leave everything behind - my home, family, friends, comforts, wonderful American life, maybe I will be persecuted, maybe I will be killed, maybe I will see something happen my rescued children. But no fear can hold me back now. God has His hand wrapped all the way around my heart, and all I want to do is run after Him! I know no matter what happens in my life He will be taking care of me, and all the Orphans around the world. Someday I hope to tell a child they are not Fatherless, that they have a heavenly Father who loves them soooo much! And no matter what happens, that He will be with them always!

That is my calling - What is yours? What lights YOUR heart on fire? :-)


Enchanted said...

Aww! Your heart and your passion really shines through this post Amy!! ♥ you're going to do great things for God! :D

Lady Serena Staverley said...

Aww! Thanks love!! You are so sweet!!! <3 I know you are going to too!! <3