Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Tonight I was one of Santa's Elves and wrapped lots of presents (Bags and tissue paper rock! WOOT! ;-)), and stuffed seven stockings!!!
It used to be my Mom did it all - well, ok, I guess Dad might have helped her a bit with carrying things down the stairs! ;-) But as long as I can remember, my Mom has had stocking fruit hiding in the basement long before I even would think about it - doing laundry at our current house, you'd have to make sure you keep your eyes on the laundry because not far from you would be bags of things, and something MIGHT be peaking!!! ;-) (One time we even kept a bunny rabbit down there for my sister!!! The rest of us had lots of fun visiting it before Christmas morning actually came! ;-)).
But this year, my Mom was asking me what she should buy for the stockings, and we went shopping together for the stuff, and then she went to bed while I did it! Poor dear must be very tired! <3 For the last couple years I've started to do much more of the wrapping, and stuffing, and I really enjoy it! :-) I love making the living room look really special for the morning, just like my Mom used to do! I like stuffing the stockings with fun stuff Mom bought, and I like it if she doesn't feel that she has to do it all alone (she still usually does feel like that until I remind her - I'm going to help you!!! Hehe!).

So, this started out as a Buzz status, but it seemed like it would make a good blog post, so there you go! :-) Now you all get to read it! :-)

Tonight we had clam chowder for dinner, and then sat around the fire we made in our living room fire place while drinking egg nog, reading the Christmas story, and singing Christmas hymns! Very nice! :-) All Christmas eve traditions! Although, we haven't done the clam chowder tradition for several years since my Aunt Colleen started having her wonderful Christmas eve parties, but this year was different, so clam chowder was very nice to have too!!! :-) It brings to mind how when I was little we used to go do the Christmas pageant at Church, and then come home to clam chowder - yum! :-)

Merry Christmas all!! I hope it is beautiful and magical for you, and that you remember that Jesus and family are the reason for the celebration!!! <3 <3 :-) (So go make people you love feel loved by gifts, and or cards, or just and I love you if that's all you can afford!! :-) And as you give each other gifts that the greatest gift of all was Jesus!!!! :-)).


Elizabeth said...

Clam chowder is on our menu tomorrow :) yummmm.
We did things kind of backwards this year...we did everything tonight...and tomorrow is just gonna be a relaxing day with clam chowder for meals. :)

HannahBeth said...

*hugs* I <3 this post! :)
Isn't it awesome being grown up and getting to start doing the things our Moms have been doing for us all these years? :) It truly is better (and more fun!) to give than to receive! :)
I love you!! :D

Lady Serena Staverley said...

Oooh! That sounds nice Beth!!! :-) And I think it's so funny you guys are having clam chowder too!!! :-) Do you make it homemade???? :-)

*Hugs Bee* Aw! Thanks!!
Yes!! That is very very true!!! :-) Love you back!!!