Monday, December 6, 2010


Somethings make stress, and finals, and evaluations, and headaches, and everything, so much more bearable, and even surrounds everything with love! And one of those things would be great friends!!!!! Because, you all really are so amazing!!!! I know I couldn't have possibly done anything to DESERVE friends like you all, but for some reason God decided to give me the best group of the best friends in the whole world!!! *Huge hugs to all!!!* :OD

Happiness of the day!!! -
1. A package put together from some besties just cause!!! AWW! Thanks guys!!!! Now I have lots of chocolate, and tea, and hot cocoa, and snickers, and sweet notes, and a CD (which I am listening to right now!), and nail polish, and Christian gum (WAY to cool!!! :OD), and a bookmark, and a knitted heart, and the CUTEST ladybug necklace ever!!! to last me through finals AND beyond!! And believe me, it will help me get through these next couple weeks!! Wow, that sure picked up my day - my week - my month!! :OD I feel so loved!!!! <3 <3 <3 I love you all!!! *Dances around* :-)


Olivia Joy said...

You are welcome!!! :)