Saturday, November 13, 2010

And no, I am not apologizing for it!

Me -
I am a girl who...
Loves lemon tea and honey
Will eat snickers bars like there is no tomorrow if I have them
Practically inhales peanut butter M&M's
Loves Deaf studies and hanging around with my Deaf friends
Loves to send random texts to friends
Listens to some modern music
Takes tap, and stinks at it, but it is SOOOO much fun! :OD
Misses people a lot when I haven't seen them for a while
Is intensely loyal
Thinks long heart-to-hearts with besties are sooo wonderful
Who's hero is her Aunt Colleen - seriously - she's on the top list of my role-models!
Loves kids
Loves setting cattails loose, and getting the fuzz all over everything, including me
Loves hoping from stone to stone across streams or in the lake with my bro
Dances the macarina, (and yes, I totally shocked one of the elders in one of our sister-churches by starting to dance it when he mentioned it for some reason! :-P)
Loves to dance - "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes!!!" :OD
And sing! In my Grpa's choir right now! He wants me to do a solo! EEP! O_O
Can be half terrified and half brave about things
Get nervous to make phone calls or go places on my own sometimes, especially if I have to go to a Deaf event, and I get nervous I won't be able to understand the people.
Am to scared to get my ears pierced.
Have never gotten my haircut at a hair place
Loves late nights, especially if there is a good chat happening! :-)
Loves November because of Nano!
Is crazily in love with her Savior!
Is totally losing it "up stairs" but hey, at least I'm not alone *Grins at you all*
Loves hymns
Loves Owl city songs (And yes, I do own like ALL of them, got a problem with that? Well I don't care!)
Is going to make Sam do the chicken dance someday - I WILL! I WILL! That is my goal in life
Likes saying, "Get over it" to people - feels gooooodd! :-P
Wants to be a missionary
Wants to take a train trip across the USA with one or a couple besties (Def. Mary P! We'll go with our hats on! *Nods*).
Wants to see a Broadway musical with Livy ON broadway
Desperately wants to go to Boston, ride the MTA in, and sing "M.T.A" song at the top of my lungs "And did he ever return? No he never returned, and his fate is still unknown!!!" :OD
Likes being single - sorry people who had such high goals for me - I'M A SINGLE LADY! :-P
Loves gifts - given and gotten (and yes, that is one of the reasons I love my birthday and Christmas so much - sorry if I sound selfish, but you'll live! ;-))
Is going to see White Christmas ON STAGE with Janna - ON STAGE PEOPLES!! :OD
Should stop this post now, and go work more on Nano! :-P
Still sleeps with stuffed animals - and don't care what you think about that!
Makes rag dolls - soo fun! :-)
Is off to word war!!! :-)


B.K. said...

I love peanut M&M!

Anonymous said...

REALLY, Amy?? I didn't know you used those words! But then, you probably don't know the words I use.. hehe *blush* *blush*

This is such an amazing list -- I have never set cattails loose, but I would LOVE to do it, I know I would!!

You have to show me how you dance the macarena sometime! ;)

Lady Serena Staverley said...

Hehe Kitty! <3 Yes, I'm afraid I do! :-P I was feeling ornery about people who tell me not too, so I posted about it! :-P
Hehe, what words do you use?? ;-) I don't think they could be to to bad! ;-)

Hehe! Yes you would love it!! If you come and visit me in the fall we will do it together!! <3

Hehe! Oh my! It's a funny day! :-P I will though! Or send you a video of someone doing it! ;-)