Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank you sir! - True Gentlemen

I always like it when I meet a true gentleman. Like today, a shopping cart fell over, so I went and stood it back up, then was half-heartedly trying to decide whether to leave it where it could possibly fall over again, or put it back up on the sidewalk where it could roll-away again. When a gentleman came up behind me and said cheerfully, "Here, let me help you with that!" And pulled it out of the ditch, and up onto the sidewalk for me. Then when I reached the door he was ahead of me and opened for me to go through.
A lot of modern women don't seem to appreciate true gentlemen any more. They get offended if a man asks if he can carry something for her, holds the door open, or tells her he'll pick up the heavy things. Many modern women get huffy and say stuff like - "I can do it just as good as you can!" and for some reason thing that just because a guy asks to help, or picks up the heavier thing, that they are somehow saying women are below men somehow, or that we aren't equal!
I was watching a video for class of a panel of people talking about Deaf people, and at one point both a man and a woman started to talk at the same time, and both stopped quickly when they realized it, and then the man said, "Ladies first." And the woman doesn't thank him and go on, she throws out this statement - "No sexism now!" O_O The man was being polite, and you have to scold him for having manners? Sheesh, that made me kinda mad!
Men and woman are equal, but at the same time they are different. And there are different manners rules for them both. Instead of fighting guy who still have a spark of that hidden gentleman still in them, let's thank them, and encourage them to continue being that kind, polite man.
I know for myself, I COULD have pulled that cart out, but when someone goes out of their way to help, or when a guy is a true gentleman, it sure cheers me up!
Don't listen to those other women, guys! We need a bit of gentlemanly behavior out there in our rude, "me me me" world. (And girls, we always need true ladies as well! Maybe someday I will do a post about that as well! :-)).


Maddie said...

Nice post Ame! I agree! We need more gentlemen in this world! It really touches me when a guy acts like one. ;)