Friday, November 12, 2010

Popular? Not so much...

Random things -

1. Got to see my Uncle today! Missed him a lot! I had just gotten home from somewhere, and he drove in behind me, and I was like - "Who is that?" And then I thought it was my other Uncle, and then I was like - It's Uncle Randall! :OD So that was a fun thing! He came out to lunch with us! :-)

2. Going to see "White Christmas" on stage with my friend Janna!! ON STAGE PEOPLE!!! :OD EEP! I can NOT wait!!!

3. Saw one of my tutors fingerspelling with both hands AT THE SAME TIME! O_O Sooo crazy looking! And then he started fingerspelling two different words at the same time! O_O And I think he was doing half and half of words too!! Soo cool! :OD I guess he went to a school where they ONLY fingerspelled, so he's really good at it! Hehe!

4. I ate at MD's last night! I NEVER eat there! :-P But I didn't have much time and I honestly just didn't care! :-P I had chicken fingers, fries, and a coke! :-P I was hoping the coke would wake me up, but not sure it did! Random question - do you get free refills on soda at MD's? :-P

5. Got a really good grade on my mid-term vid, for ASL 3! Yay! :OD

6. Am 6,000 words behind in Nano! O_O SO glad it's the weekend!