Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Excuse me? And everyone is ok with this?

Today on the news they were talking about the new airport body scanners. These machines are appalling. I can't recommend it, but if you look them up in a google search you will see how detailed they show your body to be. It is inappropriate, and it violates modesty and our freedom. And, if you don't want that, airport security will give you a full body pat down - and I mean full body - they were patting people down in very very invasive manners - far up under their inner legs, under women's busts, down peoples bottoms, and everywhere else. People, you may thing we live in a free country, but we are losing that freedom. This is appalling, I almost threw up when I saw it. They will try to convince people it is for our "protection". People, how far are we willing to go to be "protected"? After all the metal detectors, taking off shoes, scanning luggage, and everything else they have done, now we need invasive patdowns or scans? And guess what? American people are not standing against it. Yes, the news mentioned one or two protesters, but over all? People will stand there and let their freedom be taken from them, one pat at a time.
People, think of your Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren! (Not to mention yourselves). We as a nation need to stand against these invasive measures. We need to protest against it. This is not the end people, it will get worse and worse. Be prepared, you have been warned.
Inconsiderate of people to stand up for their rights? Now, I don't know that a pat down is actually that much better, the way they are doing it, but look, these are our American people, saying it is inconsiderate of people to decide not to have the full body scan. Where is the fire of our nation to keep our freedom? Yes, those people want to be with their loved ones now, and they think they are putting family before their own embarrassment, but they aren't thinking of future generations who will have to go through this.
If you are not outraged by this, you should be ashamed. Read the end of this article - This is INTRUSIVE AND WRONG! Stand up for your freedom. Don't allow one person who tried to hide something in his underwear allow them to touch, or view you in ways that should never be. Are Americans really that stupid? Come on.

This is a fight worth fighting.

(Note - If you comment, keep it nice. I don't mind hearing your thoughts on the matter, but I am not interested, nor do I care, if this angers you. I am not interested in being assaulted in comments, and if you post a rude comment I will delete it. Thank you.).


HannahBeth said...

I love that you're passionately standing up against this Amy!!! I wish more young people would wake up and realize that we can't just roll over and die, and let our freedoms be taken like that *snaps fingers*. I'm surprised no one ended up kicking one of the security people while going through a pat down...that would be MY totally natural reaction to being touched by a stranger where they shouldn't touch me! ;)
And I'm really glad we got to talk about this last night over the phone! I love talking things over with you!!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Amy, I completely agree. We all die sometime, and while we should protect ourselves to a certain extent, sometimes some 'methods' are going a little too far. I honestly will never ever take the plane again if Americans push Canada to adopt the same laws. Much as I love the fact that we are neighbourly neighbours, sometimes I feel America is just one big bully.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear!! <3

Olivia Joy said...

Interesting thoughts Amy :) I am curious to see the outcome of everything! I wonder if I wil have to go through one on the way to Africa ;)