Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the face of failure...

Failure - it's a word that springs fear into people's hearts, tears them down, throws them into depression, and can totally ruin their lives if they let it, or if it is drummed into their heads to often. Some people live believing they are failures - some of them make it up in their heads, and some of them are told it so often the end up believing it is true.
And it is a fact of life, we will fail at something in our life time. We're fallen humans, it is almost guaranteed. And we can't stop it, no matter how much we work or strive to do better. Like me, I had a hard exam coming up, studied a bunch before hand, showed up, didn't do to great, but thought I did better than the last exam I had taken, and then I got my grade back last night. I did much worse than last time. In fact, I did worse than I ever have before on an exam. O_O I felt a bit like crying, and felt depressed for the class (not to mention I was super tired already!). I outwardly remained calm, and even inside I felt like I should be feeling worse about it that I was. So I came home and was dramatic about it (I just like being dramatic, can you tell??? ;-)). Anyways, this all is leading up to the point of this post - Even if you fail at something doesn't mean you, yourself are a failure! I failed at my exam - rather badly - it wasn't an F, but it was close. But me? I'm not a failure! You know why? Because I know that when God looks at me, He doesn't see a failure! And I want to view myself through HIS eyes.
When God looks at us He sees His children, (or someone who He wants to become His child!! :-) So if you aren't already His child, don't mark yourself down as a failure, turn to Him and He'll show you how in Him you aren't!), God sees someone who He is refining, and teaching. He sees someone who He is making into a champion! And even champions make mistakes, or stumble, but when you know someone views you as a champion, and is cheering you on and helping you, doesn't it make you want to get back on your feet, and keep running till you reach the finish line? I know it does for me! And God is always cheering us on, picking us back up, and sometimes He even CARRIES us for a while if we need Him too!
When He looks down at us He doesn't see the bad grades, the failure to do something, the mistakes, or what ever, He sees a champion! Someone who He loves so much - who He is molding into a person after His own heart! (WOW!). As a friend of mine put it when making me feel better about my bad grade - "He sees A++ written all over you. with extra credit" :-)
That is what God sees when He looks at you too! And if you aren't His child, turn to Him and you'll be viewed the same way! Right now maybe He is looking at you wanting to see an "A++ God's child" written on you!!! :-)
Remember, you are a champion! Now go act like it and make someone else feel like a champion! "Spread the Love" :OD