Friday, November 26, 2010

Decluttering your life

Ah! My room and the rest of the house is FINALLY clean!!! :OD
I don't know about you, but when my room, and the rest of the house is messy, it makes my mind cluttered as well. I can't stand being home, (even though I should use the time being home to clean it!!! ;-)), and when I am home I can't get anything done. For one thing there is no place to do anything, and for another thing whenever I start something, all I can think about and see is the mess! Obsessed much? ;-)
Did you know that not only the house can be messy? Is your Spiritual life cluttered? Mind cluttered? Pocketbook cluttered? ;-) ;-)
There is a saying - "Cleanliness is next to godliness." And I have found this to be true. When I have things clean around me, I DO tend to draw closer to God, and have a more organized, happy, and content life.
SO! My thought of the day - DECLUTTER your life! Now, there are many ways to do this, so I'll give a list! :-)

Ways in which to declutter -

House and belongings -
1. Keep your house clean!!! - Like I mentioned again, my life is much more smooth when the house is clean. At least keep your own space clean and organized. Pick up, dust, vacuum, put away, throw out, etc.

2. Declutter - Throw things away! Give them away! GET RID OF THEM!! :-P I tend to love to save things, and some things ARE important to me to save - such as letters, cards, etc. Sorry, but that is just important to me. But what about clothes? Do you tend to horde clothes? Go through your clothes at LEAST twice a year when you are switching seasons! You know what I do? Instead of going through my summer clothes at the beginning of summer, and winter clothes at the beginning of winter, I do it the other way around - Summer clothes at the END of summer, Winter clothes at the END of winter? Know why? Because at the beginning of Summer, I don't know what I will need to wear, or what I will like or dislike that summer, or what will fit, etc! At the end of summer, as I'm putting away my clothes till next year I know what I did and didn't wear, etc, and am able to part with things much more logically! ;-) Throw out papers you don't need, or your old shoes, etc etc etc!!

3. Organize - Organize the things that you have - put papers in boxes or filing drawers, clothes in their correct drawers or spots in the closet, etc. (Under the bed boxes work really well too! :-)).

4. Clean out that pocketbook - I'm sure you know just how annoying it is to get to the check out line, and have to stand there FOREVER just because your pocketbook is to cluttered to get down to your money and credit cards!! I'd recommend a weekly/monthly cleaning! :-)

Mind -

1. Music - Does crazy music make your mind feel cluttered? Try listening to less crazy/cluttered music. Now, there is a time if you want to listen to music to do that, but I know with me some days some music just makes me feel like I can't think at all!

2. Be organized - Another organized one, but this time for the mind - does your mind seem so cluttered you can't remember what's happening today? (Hmm... Sounds familiar to me! ;-)). Instead of trying to remember everything, get a daily planner and write things down on the day on which they are supposed to happen. Then when you get up in the morning (or right before you go to bed) you can take a peek at your planner and see what you planned for the day! (I also make lists of things I have to get done the next day in my journal, and check them off the next night - that way I don't forget, and it sure is nice to see how many things I get to check off at the end of the day!! ;-)).
Goes for homework too - make a list of the homework and studying you need to do, and then keep checking that list. It sure helps me to stay focused!! :-)

3. Don't overdo - Don't overdo people! Don't plan, or get into so many things you can't keep up with it all (one of my faults! :-P). I am someone who loves to be busy, and also will say yes to almost anything people ask me to do. And sometimes it gets to be to much. So watch out for that! Also, ask other people to help you if you need too - if you just can't do the dishes today because of school, talk to your Mom, or siblings! Maybe they will help you, or suggest a way you can get it all done. :-)

Spiritual -

1. Make a plan - Yes, be organized in your devotions too. Set a plan such as "I am going to read one chapter of the OT, and one of the NT every morning and night. Then Pray. Then right in my journal." Don't make it so hard you can't reach the goal - maybe one hour is to long, but you CAN start with maybe 15 mins, and then work up! :-)

2. Find a Devotional - I have found that finding a good devotional and following the daily plan REALLY helps me to stay on track with my devotions! :-) I just finished one that I really liked, (and am planning on writing a review on soon. :-)), by Shannon Ethridge. (And am eying her other ones now! ;-)). I have also loved ones by Corrie Ten Boom! :OD

Food habits -

1. Organize your food habits - Make a plan, and stick to it, and don't make your goal unreachable! Eating junk is bad for you, but especially around the holidays, we may as well all admit to ourselves that we ARE going to do it, whether we want to or not! ;-) So maybe cut down to just one chocolate bar, choose tea instead of hot chocolate *Eyes Peppermint Hot Chocolate sitting on desk* ;-), or only have it once a week.

2. Stay away from greasy foods - I find greasy foods make me feel horrible, and very "cluttered".

Anyways, hope these ideas have helped you at least a little! (Better take some of my own advice in my own life! Hehe! ;o)).