Monday, November 22, 2010

Peppermint, how I love you!

I think I am in heaven - Panera bread's Peppermint Hot Chocolate is SOOOOOOO amazing! It actually tastes like peppermint! I must admit, I was happily surprised! If I wasn't sitting in Panera bread, I would probably have taken the first sip and then screamed and danced around the room at how wonderful it was!! :OD
Also, white chocolate peppermint kisses - *Dies and goes to heaven all over again* SOOOOOOO awesome! :OD I ALMOST bought a couple bags today, but I restrained myself, because if I bought them, I would eat them ALL! :-P Hehe!

Anyways! :-P

I registered for my classes today! I'll be taken 4 this coming semester if everything goes well - I'll be a full time student! O_O I'm a little nervous - I sure hope I can keep up with all my classes, and get good grades, and everything like that! So if I disappear this spring, you'll know where I am! ;-)
I'll be taking Deaf Culture 2, ASL 4, ASL Lit, and English 101!!! 9My first general studies class!! Eep!).


HannahBeth said...

Hehe! Your text about the Peppermint hot chocolate yesterday had me laughing out loud at work! :P

Oh wow!! *sniffles* This coming year is looking CRAZY for all of us gals!! AAAAAAAAAGGGH!!! You're gonna be a full-time student!!! Don't get lost in all your schoolwork! ;) I want to talk to you OFTEN!

Oh yes! And the fact that you got a blog, makes me VERY happy. :D I love the background...and your blog name. I love YOU deary!!!

Lady Serena Staverley said...

Hehe! :OD Did you get some weird looks? ;-)

I know!!! Yikes! But never fear, you will always have at least once a week chat with me, if not more!!! *Big hug* You are on the top of my priority list! :OD Love you!!!!

Hehe!! Thanks lovey!!!!!