Friday, November 26, 2010

Dress like my old homeschooled days today!

Today I am dressing like a homeschooler - jean skirt, cotton tights, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I love jean skirts, and this is NOT picking on homeschoolers at all. (After all, I was one for 18 years of my life!!!). I am just mentioning the fact, so bear with me! ;-) We DO have a distinct way of dressing - you can pick us out from a crowd.
I guess the point of this post is not what I put on to wear this morning (Haha, had you fooled, didn't I??? ;-)), but rather how life changes.

I am no longer a homeschooler. I am no longer homeschooled. O_O

This fact hits me sometimes!! Whoa, I can say "Yes, I was homeschooled" but I'll never be a "homeschooler" again! Sure, I still have my homeschooled backround and beliefs, I still AM a homeschooled person, but I'm not homeschooled any longer. I am a college student, a young adult, things that used to be accepted when I was young and still being homeschooled aren't any more.

Sometimes I miss those old days, especially when I was little and Mom did school with me and my sister - I loved those days! Loved school! :OD I didn't really like HS because I didn't push myself enough, so I like pushing myself now, but still miss those days!

The days of reading all the books you could get your hands on, doing math, and going to piano lessons with Mrs. F. The days of jean skirts and jumpers of all different colors. The days of playing with Joy, or Josiah and Kay for hours and hours. The days of having to get all my school work done all week to get ONE HOUR of TV (my sibs have it easy! Sheesh!).

There ARE somethings I DON'T miss about homeschooling though, here ya go -
1. Homeschool Groups - HATE HATE HATE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE!!! Snobby rude girls, obnoxious boys who breathe in your face (yes, that did happen to me). I DID used to enjoy "Gym and Swim" alright, despite the kids, but WOOT! No more homeschool groups for me! :OD
2. Laziness - I don't miss the laziness of my HS years when I didn't push myself - stupid me.
3. Being stuck at home - I LOVE being able to drive, getting out of the house, and going and DOING! :-)

However, I think the good outweighs the bad, and much of the bad was stuff I could either fix (AKA laziness), or something that our family just choose to do.

I do miss our weekly get togethers with my homeschooled friends from church! Each time I choose pants over my jean skirt I wish I could go have a visit with some of my homeschooled friends! Hehe! :-) MassHOPE will be fun this coming year. ;-)

Right now I feel quite in between the two groups I am around most often - I don't quite fit in with the homeschoolers any more - I am in college now, work, and am in an almost totally different world from them. I still have the values they do, but it's just different now - I DO wear pants most of the time in the winters now (MUCH easier to wear skirts in the summer!!), I AM around a different crowd most of the week (not one I particularly prefer either. ;-)), I DO have different struggles, and conflicts, and things that I have to work through.
I don't fit in with the college students either though (and don't really want too!) - I WAS a homeschooler. I have MUCH different values then they do. I DON'T use the same language. I DON'T dress the same way, although I DO dress in a way that is sorta in between - keeping to my values, but not sticking out like - Whoa, there's a homeschooler. ;-) (I DO want to stand out as a Christian, and live my faith, but people may not understand in order to do that sometimes it's better NOT to look to different.).

My point is, times change. Keeping up with who I am in Christ is sometimes hard. I have changed. My life has changed. I have to now find a balance between my homeschooled backround, and my college student present.
I wouldn't change either my past or my present! I am learning so much, and growing so much in the Lord! I may be in between groups, but I am finding my new place in the world! :-)

I love you, my homeschooled friends!!! <3 <3 <3 I am still one of you at heart! Let's have a tea party, or dance, or talk, or big game outside with our siblings!! Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lazy LAZY student I was in high school. I had fits of studiousness that were replaced with more than double fits of laziness. *sigh* I kick myself for that too. :( But now, I'm trying to push myself harder as well. Better late than never!!

What a lovely post. I miss being a homeschooler too... <3

Amy Irene said...

Just like me Cathy! :-/ I would push myself in highschool for a little while, and then get more lazy! :-/ I am paying for it now!
But you are right - better late than never! :-) <3