Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm trying to think up a good thought for my blog for a Monday morning, but, alas, nothing is coming!!! Hmm...

Ok, this week make sure to -

Say I love you to someone!
Take a moment to help someone or do something nice for them (or both! ;-)).
Spend time with God everyday!
Take a moment in between the craziness to stop and look around at the beauty God has given us!
Sing like no one is listening, and dance like no one is watching!!! ;-)

Psalm 100 -

1 Make a joyful shout to the LORD, all you lands!
2 Serve the LORD with gladness;
Come before His presence with singing.
3 Know that the LORD, He is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;a]">[a]
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
5 For the LORD is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.

I love that Psalm - SHOUT to the Lord in joy, come before Him with singing! Enter His gates with thanksgiving! Bless His Name!!!

Have a lovely Monday!!! :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Left out?

"But there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother." ~ Proverbs 18:24b
Jesus wants to be your friend. He wants you to sit down and talk to Him. He wants to hear about your life, and hold your hand. He is never to busy for you to spend time with Him. He's always there. Always. You don't have to go anywhere to be able to talk to Him. He's right with you all the time.

I love you God!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Decluttering your life

Ah! My room and the rest of the house is FINALLY clean!!! :OD
I don't know about you, but when my room, and the rest of the house is messy, it makes my mind cluttered as well. I can't stand being home, (even though I should use the time being home to clean it!!! ;-)), and when I am home I can't get anything done. For one thing there is no place to do anything, and for another thing whenever I start something, all I can think about and see is the mess! Obsessed much? ;-)
Did you know that not only the house can be messy? Is your Spiritual life cluttered? Mind cluttered? Pocketbook cluttered? ;-) ;-)
There is a saying - "Cleanliness is next to godliness." And I have found this to be true. When I have things clean around me, I DO tend to draw closer to God, and have a more organized, happy, and content life.
SO! My thought of the day - DECLUTTER your life! Now, there are many ways to do this, so I'll give a list! :-)

Ways in which to declutter -

House and belongings -
1. Keep your house clean!!! - Like I mentioned again, my life is much more smooth when the house is clean. At least keep your own space clean and organized. Pick up, dust, vacuum, put away, throw out, etc.

2. Declutter - Throw things away! Give them away! GET RID OF THEM!! :-P I tend to love to save things, and some things ARE important to me to save - such as letters, cards, etc. Sorry, but that is just important to me. But what about clothes? Do you tend to horde clothes? Go through your clothes at LEAST twice a year when you are switching seasons! You know what I do? Instead of going through my summer clothes at the beginning of summer, and winter clothes at the beginning of winter, I do it the other way around - Summer clothes at the END of summer, Winter clothes at the END of winter? Know why? Because at the beginning of Summer, I don't know what I will need to wear, or what I will like or dislike that summer, or what will fit, etc! At the end of summer, as I'm putting away my clothes till next year I know what I did and didn't wear, etc, and am able to part with things much more logically! ;-) Throw out papers you don't need, or your old shoes, etc etc etc!!

3. Organize - Organize the things that you have - put papers in boxes or filing drawers, clothes in their correct drawers or spots in the closet, etc. (Under the bed boxes work really well too! :-)).

4. Clean out that pocketbook - I'm sure you know just how annoying it is to get to the check out line, and have to stand there FOREVER just because your pocketbook is to cluttered to get down to your money and credit cards!! I'd recommend a weekly/monthly cleaning! :-)

Mind -

1. Music - Does crazy music make your mind feel cluttered? Try listening to less crazy/cluttered music. Now, there is a time if you want to listen to music to do that, but I know with me some days some music just makes me feel like I can't think at all!

2. Be organized - Another organized one, but this time for the mind - does your mind seem so cluttered you can't remember what's happening today? (Hmm... Sounds familiar to me! ;-)). Instead of trying to remember everything, get a daily planner and write things down on the day on which they are supposed to happen. Then when you get up in the morning (or right before you go to bed) you can take a peek at your planner and see what you planned for the day! (I also make lists of things I have to get done the next day in my journal, and check them off the next night - that way I don't forget, and it sure is nice to see how many things I get to check off at the end of the day!! ;-)).
Goes for homework too - make a list of the homework and studying you need to do, and then keep checking that list. It sure helps me to stay focused!! :-)

3. Don't overdo - Don't overdo people! Don't plan, or get into so many things you can't keep up with it all (one of my faults! :-P). I am someone who loves to be busy, and also will say yes to almost anything people ask me to do. And sometimes it gets to be to much. So watch out for that! Also, ask other people to help you if you need too - if you just can't do the dishes today because of school, talk to your Mom, or siblings! Maybe they will help you, or suggest a way you can get it all done. :-)

Spiritual -

1. Make a plan - Yes, be organized in your devotions too. Set a plan such as "I am going to read one chapter of the OT, and one of the NT every morning and night. Then Pray. Then right in my journal." Don't make it so hard you can't reach the goal - maybe one hour is to long, but you CAN start with maybe 15 mins, and then work up! :-)

2. Find a Devotional - I have found that finding a good devotional and following the daily plan REALLY helps me to stay on track with my devotions! :-) I just finished one that I really liked, (and am planning on writing a review on soon. :-)), by Shannon Ethridge. (And am eying her other ones now! ;-)). I have also loved ones by Corrie Ten Boom! :OD

Food habits -

1. Organize your food habits - Make a plan, and stick to it, and don't make your goal unreachable! Eating junk is bad for you, but especially around the holidays, we may as well all admit to ourselves that we ARE going to do it, whether we want to or not! ;-) So maybe cut down to just one chocolate bar, choose tea instead of hot chocolate *Eyes Peppermint Hot Chocolate sitting on desk* ;-), or only have it once a week.

2. Stay away from greasy foods - I find greasy foods make me feel horrible, and very "cluttered".

Anyways, hope these ideas have helped you at least a little! (Better take some of my own advice in my own life! Hehe! ;o)).

Dress like my old homeschooled days today!

Today I am dressing like a homeschooler - jean skirt, cotton tights, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I love jean skirts, and this is NOT picking on homeschoolers at all. (After all, I was one for 18 years of my life!!!). I am just mentioning the fact, so bear with me! ;-) We DO have a distinct way of dressing - you can pick us out from a crowd.
I guess the point of this post is not what I put on to wear this morning (Haha, had you fooled, didn't I??? ;-)), but rather how life changes.

I am no longer a homeschooler. I am no longer homeschooled. O_O

This fact hits me sometimes!! Whoa, I can say "Yes, I was homeschooled" but I'll never be a "homeschooler" again! Sure, I still have my homeschooled backround and beliefs, I still AM a homeschooled person, but I'm not homeschooled any longer. I am a college student, a young adult, things that used to be accepted when I was young and still being homeschooled aren't any more.

Sometimes I miss those old days, especially when I was little and Mom did school with me and my sister - I loved those days! Loved school! :OD I didn't really like HS because I didn't push myself enough, so I like pushing myself now, but still miss those days!

The days of reading all the books you could get your hands on, doing math, and going to piano lessons with Mrs. F. The days of jean skirts and jumpers of all different colors. The days of playing with Joy, or Josiah and Kay for hours and hours. The days of having to get all my school work done all week to get ONE HOUR of TV (my sibs have it easy! Sheesh!).

There ARE somethings I DON'T miss about homeschooling though, here ya go -
1. Homeschool Groups - HATE HATE HATE DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE!!! Snobby rude girls, obnoxious boys who breathe in your face (yes, that did happen to me). I DID used to enjoy "Gym and Swim" alright, despite the kids, but WOOT! No more homeschool groups for me! :OD
2. Laziness - I don't miss the laziness of my HS years when I didn't push myself - stupid me.
3. Being stuck at home - I LOVE being able to drive, getting out of the house, and going and DOING! :-)

However, I think the good outweighs the bad, and much of the bad was stuff I could either fix (AKA laziness), or something that our family just choose to do.

I do miss our weekly get togethers with my homeschooled friends from church! Each time I choose pants over my jean skirt I wish I could go have a visit with some of my homeschooled friends! Hehe! :-) MassHOPE will be fun this coming year. ;-)

Right now I feel quite in between the two groups I am around most often - I don't quite fit in with the homeschoolers any more - I am in college now, work, and am in an almost totally different world from them. I still have the values they do, but it's just different now - I DO wear pants most of the time in the winters now (MUCH easier to wear skirts in the summer!!), I AM around a different crowd most of the week (not one I particularly prefer either. ;-)), I DO have different struggles, and conflicts, and things that I have to work through.
I don't fit in with the college students either though (and don't really want too!) - I WAS a homeschooler. I have MUCH different values then they do. I DON'T use the same language. I DON'T dress the same way, although I DO dress in a way that is sorta in between - keeping to my values, but not sticking out like - Whoa, there's a homeschooler. ;-) (I DO want to stand out as a Christian, and live my faith, but people may not understand in order to do that sometimes it's better NOT to look to different.).

My point is, times change. Keeping up with who I am in Christ is sometimes hard. I have changed. My life has changed. I have to now find a balance between my homeschooled backround, and my college student present.
I wouldn't change either my past or my present! I am learning so much, and growing so much in the Lord! I may be in between groups, but I am finding my new place in the world! :-)

I love you, my homeschooled friends!!! <3 <3 <3 I am still one of you at heart! Let's have a tea party, or dance, or talk, or big game outside with our siblings!! Miss you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Excuse me? And everyone is ok with this?

Today on the news they were talking about the new airport body scanners. These machines are appalling. I can't recommend it, but if you look them up in a google search you will see how detailed they show your body to be. It is inappropriate, and it violates modesty and our freedom. And, if you don't want that, airport security will give you a full body pat down - and I mean full body - they were patting people down in very very invasive manners - far up under their inner legs, under women's busts, down peoples bottoms, and everywhere else. People, you may thing we live in a free country, but we are losing that freedom. This is appalling, I almost threw up when I saw it. They will try to convince people it is for our "protection". People, how far are we willing to go to be "protected"? After all the metal detectors, taking off shoes, scanning luggage, and everything else they have done, now we need invasive patdowns or scans? And guess what? American people are not standing against it. Yes, the news mentioned one or two protesters, but over all? People will stand there and let their freedom be taken from them, one pat at a time.
People, think of your Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren! (Not to mention yourselves). We as a nation need to stand against these invasive measures. We need to protest against it. This is not the end people, it will get worse and worse. Be prepared, you have been warned.
Inconsiderate of people to stand up for their rights? Now, I don't know that a pat down is actually that much better, the way they are doing it, but look, these are our American people, saying it is inconsiderate of people to decide not to have the full body scan. Where is the fire of our nation to keep our freedom? Yes, those people want to be with their loved ones now, and they think they are putting family before their own embarrassment, but they aren't thinking of future generations who will have to go through this.
If you are not outraged by this, you should be ashamed. Read the end of this article - This is INTRUSIVE AND WRONG! Stand up for your freedom. Don't allow one person who tried to hide something in his underwear allow them to touch, or view you in ways that should never be. Are Americans really that stupid? Come on.

This is a fight worth fighting.

(Note - If you comment, keep it nice. I don't mind hearing your thoughts on the matter, but I am not interested, nor do I care, if this angers you. I am not interested in being assaulted in comments, and if you post a rude comment I will delete it. Thank you.).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Peppermint, how I love you!

I think I am in heaven - Panera bread's Peppermint Hot Chocolate is SOOOOOOO amazing! It actually tastes like peppermint! I must admit, I was happily surprised! If I wasn't sitting in Panera bread, I would probably have taken the first sip and then screamed and danced around the room at how wonderful it was!! :OD
Also, white chocolate peppermint kisses - *Dies and goes to heaven all over again* SOOOOOOO awesome! :OD I ALMOST bought a couple bags today, but I restrained myself, because if I bought them, I would eat them ALL! :-P Hehe!

Anyways! :-P

I registered for my classes today! I'll be taken 4 this coming semester if everything goes well - I'll be a full time student! O_O I'm a little nervous - I sure hope I can keep up with all my classes, and get good grades, and everything like that! So if I disappear this spring, you'll know where I am! ;-)
I'll be taking Deaf Culture 2, ASL 4, ASL Lit, and English 101!!! 9My first general studies class!! Eep!).

Must I get out of bed?

Yes, I think we all have those mornings when we just wonder if it actually is worth it to get out from under those warm covers, and go through the day. And some mornings we wonder if we actually DO have too! Yes, this was one of those mornings - Monday mornings don't tend to be a very good one for my family, and I rather dread them. And I know generally most people don't like Mondays either. But you know what? I bet God loves Monday mornings - Sunday is the beginning of the week, where we start off our week by worshiping Him, and then comes Monday, the day when we can, once again, start by giving Him glory in every little or big task we do! A new work day where we can serve Him! We should be bouncing out of bed with a smile, ready to serve our King in anyway He shows us! :-) (Now there would be a different Monday morning, huh? ;-)).

Reminds me of the verses from Lamentations 3:21-26

21 This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope.
22 Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
23 They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
24 “ The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,

“ Therefore I hope in Him!”
25 The LORD is good to those who wait for Him,
To the soul who seeks Him.
26 It is good that one should hope and wait quietly
For the salvation of the LORD.

His compassions fail not - they are new every morning (and that includes Mondays, even when it doesn't feel like it! ;-)), His faithfulness is so great!!!! :OD

(Interesting side note - my devotional this morning was on loving those who are unlovable - good reminder before I begin to interact with my family! ;-) And I know they often need that same message with me, because I know I can be very unlovable).

So go make your Monday great! :OD

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank you sir! - True Gentlemen

I always like it when I meet a true gentleman. Like today, a shopping cart fell over, so I went and stood it back up, then was half-heartedly trying to decide whether to leave it where it could possibly fall over again, or put it back up on the sidewalk where it could roll-away again. When a gentleman came up behind me and said cheerfully, "Here, let me help you with that!" And pulled it out of the ditch, and up onto the sidewalk for me. Then when I reached the door he was ahead of me and opened for me to go through.
A lot of modern women don't seem to appreciate true gentlemen any more. They get offended if a man asks if he can carry something for her, holds the door open, or tells her he'll pick up the heavy things. Many modern women get huffy and say stuff like - "I can do it just as good as you can!" and for some reason thing that just because a guy asks to help, or picks up the heavier thing, that they are somehow saying women are below men somehow, or that we aren't equal!
I was watching a video for class of a panel of people talking about Deaf people, and at one point both a man and a woman started to talk at the same time, and both stopped quickly when they realized it, and then the man said, "Ladies first." And the woman doesn't thank him and go on, she throws out this statement - "No sexism now!" O_O The man was being polite, and you have to scold him for having manners? Sheesh, that made me kinda mad!
Men and woman are equal, but at the same time they are different. And there are different manners rules for them both. Instead of fighting guy who still have a spark of that hidden gentleman still in them, let's thank them, and encourage them to continue being that kind, polite man.
I know for myself, I COULD have pulled that cart out, but when someone goes out of their way to help, or when a guy is a true gentleman, it sure cheers me up!
Don't listen to those other women, guys! We need a bit of gentlemanly behavior out there in our rude, "me me me" world. (And girls, we always need true ladies as well! Maybe someday I will do a post about that as well! :-)).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tears fall like rain...

Strangely enough, tonight I don't feel like talking... Hmm... New one for me!

Today my cousin got married, the 3rd cousin wedding so far!! Wow! We are growing up! Beautiful wedding, and so excited to welcome another cousin into the family! He married such a sweet girl! :OD And she's so much fun - we totally danced our hearts out tonight! Ouch my feet! But it was totally worth it! IF I ever get married, we are dancing all night - I don't care what you say! ;-)

I have mostly decided to go for my Associates Degree in Deaf Studies. I'm a little scared - can I actually do all the required classes? I'm not very academic, but I really want to prove to myself that I CAN do it - I can! :OD

Time to crawl into a nice warm bed. Would like to sleep for a month, thank you and goodnight! :-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He is Exalted!

He is Exalted
By Twila Paris

He is exalted the King is exalted on High
I will praise You
He is exalted forever exalted
And I will praise His name

He is exalted the King is exalted on High
I will praise Him
He is exalted forever exalted
And I will praise His name

He is the Lord
Forever His truth shall reign
Heaven and Earth
Rejoice in His holy name
He is exalted the King is exalted on high

He is exalted the King is exalted on high

I love that song!!! :-) My God truly IS exalted on high! He is so amazing, and I fall in love with Him more every day!!! It's so exciting to see what He is doing!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Favorite song list

List of my favorite modern songs (note, these are not Christian songs, just some I enjoy listening too :-)).

Fireflies - Owl City
The Bird and the Worm - Owl City
Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillet
Dynamite - Tiao Cruz
Misery - Maroon 5
S.O.S - Ola
Everything - Michael Buble
Naturally - Selena Gomez
Grenade - Bruno Mars

And others!!! :OD

Oh, and two of my favorite modern Christian songs at the moment are -
In Christ Alone - Owl City
Grace - Laura Story


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Journals are like good friends, and it is always exciting when you start a new one, especially if it is a special one like a homemade one from a friend, or a gift, or just a really pretty one, but then it is rather sad when you write on the last page, and close it. I slipped a lovely one my friend made me into my hope chest today! Pages full! :-) A rather satisfying feeling too! :-)

And no, I am not apologizing for it!

Me -
I am a girl who...
Loves lemon tea and honey
Will eat snickers bars like there is no tomorrow if I have them
Practically inhales peanut butter M&M's
Loves Deaf studies and hanging around with my Deaf friends
Loves to send random texts to friends
Listens to some modern music
Takes tap, and stinks at it, but it is SOOOO much fun! :OD
Misses people a lot when I haven't seen them for a while
Is intensely loyal
Thinks long heart-to-hearts with besties are sooo wonderful
Who's hero is her Aunt Colleen - seriously - she's on the top list of my role-models!
Loves kids
Loves setting cattails loose, and getting the fuzz all over everything, including me
Loves hoping from stone to stone across streams or in the lake with my bro
Dances the macarina, (and yes, I totally shocked one of the elders in one of our sister-churches by starting to dance it when he mentioned it for some reason! :-P)
Loves to dance - "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes!!!" :OD
And sing! In my Grpa's choir right now! He wants me to do a solo! EEP! O_O
Can be half terrified and half brave about things
Get nervous to make phone calls or go places on my own sometimes, especially if I have to go to a Deaf event, and I get nervous I won't be able to understand the people.
Am to scared to get my ears pierced.
Have never gotten my haircut at a hair place
Loves late nights, especially if there is a good chat happening! :-)
Loves November because of Nano!
Is crazily in love with her Savior!
Is totally losing it "up stairs" but hey, at least I'm not alone *Grins at you all*
Loves hymns
Loves Owl city songs (And yes, I do own like ALL of them, got a problem with that? Well I don't care!)
Is going to make Sam do the chicken dance someday - I WILL! I WILL! That is my goal in life
Likes saying, "Get over it" to people - feels gooooodd! :-P
Wants to be a missionary
Wants to take a train trip across the USA with one or a couple besties (Def. Mary P! We'll go with our hats on! *Nods*).
Wants to see a Broadway musical with Livy ON broadway
Desperately wants to go to Boston, ride the MTA in, and sing "M.T.A" song at the top of my lungs "And did he ever return? No he never returned, and his fate is still unknown!!!" :OD
Likes being single - sorry people who had such high goals for me - I'M A SINGLE LADY! :-P
Loves gifts - given and gotten (and yes, that is one of the reasons I love my birthday and Christmas so much - sorry if I sound selfish, but you'll live! ;-))
Is going to see White Christmas ON STAGE with Janna - ON STAGE PEOPLES!! :OD
Should stop this post now, and go work more on Nano! :-P
Still sleeps with stuffed animals - and don't care what you think about that!
Makes rag dolls - soo fun! :-)
Is off to word war!!! :-)

That could be you!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you hurry you could be the FIRST EVER to post a comment on my new blog! *Nods* Actually, I don't think you have to hurry to fast! :-P

Anyways... :-P

A friend shared this quote with me yesterday - rather interesting! :-)

"In life, you’ll meet two special people: One who changes the way you see yourself and the world, and the other, who puts you back together after you have lost the first." – Anonymous

Friday, November 12, 2010

Popular? Not so much...

Random things -

1. Got to see my Uncle today! Missed him a lot! I had just gotten home from somewhere, and he drove in behind me, and I was like - "Who is that?" And then I thought it was my other Uncle, and then I was like - It's Uncle Randall! :OD So that was a fun thing! He came out to lunch with us! :-)

2. Going to see "White Christmas" on stage with my friend Janna!! ON STAGE PEOPLE!!! :OD EEP! I can NOT wait!!!

3. Saw one of my tutors fingerspelling with both hands AT THE SAME TIME! O_O Sooo crazy looking! And then he started fingerspelling two different words at the same time! O_O And I think he was doing half and half of words too!! Soo cool! :OD I guess he went to a school where they ONLY fingerspelled, so he's really good at it! Hehe!

4. I ate at MD's last night! I NEVER eat there! :-P But I didn't have much time and I honestly just didn't care! :-P I had chicken fingers, fries, and a coke! :-P I was hoping the coke would wake me up, but not sure it did! Random question - do you get free refills on soda at MD's? :-P

5. Got a really good grade on my mid-term vid, for ASL 3! Yay! :OD

6. Am 6,000 words behind in Nano! O_O SO glad it's the weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the face of failure...

Failure - it's a word that springs fear into people's hearts, tears them down, throws them into depression, and can totally ruin their lives if they let it, or if it is drummed into their heads to often. Some people live believing they are failures - some of them make it up in their heads, and some of them are told it so often the end up believing it is true.
And it is a fact of life, we will fail at something in our life time. We're fallen humans, it is almost guaranteed. And we can't stop it, no matter how much we work or strive to do better. Like me, I had a hard exam coming up, studied a bunch before hand, showed up, didn't do to great, but thought I did better than the last exam I had taken, and then I got my grade back last night. I did much worse than last time. In fact, I did worse than I ever have before on an exam. O_O I felt a bit like crying, and felt depressed for the class (not to mention I was super tired already!). I outwardly remained calm, and even inside I felt like I should be feeling worse about it that I was. So I came home and was dramatic about it (I just like being dramatic, can you tell??? ;-)). Anyways, this all is leading up to the point of this post - Even if you fail at something doesn't mean you, yourself are a failure! I failed at my exam - rather badly - it wasn't an F, but it was close. But me? I'm not a failure! You know why? Because I know that when God looks at me, He doesn't see a failure! And I want to view myself through HIS eyes.
When God looks at us He sees His children, (or someone who He wants to become His child!! :-) So if you aren't already His child, don't mark yourself down as a failure, turn to Him and He'll show you how in Him you aren't!), God sees someone who He is refining, and teaching. He sees someone who He is making into a champion! And even champions make mistakes, or stumble, but when you know someone views you as a champion, and is cheering you on and helping you, doesn't it make you want to get back on your feet, and keep running till you reach the finish line? I know it does for me! And God is always cheering us on, picking us back up, and sometimes He even CARRIES us for a while if we need Him too!
When He looks down at us He doesn't see the bad grades, the failure to do something, the mistakes, or what ever, He sees a champion! Someone who He loves so much - who He is molding into a person after His own heart! (WOW!). As a friend of mine put it when making me feel better about my bad grade - "He sees A++ written all over you. with extra credit" :-)
That is what God sees when He looks at you too! And if you aren't His child, turn to Him and you'll be viewed the same way! Right now maybe He is looking at you wanting to see an "A++ God's child" written on you!!! :-)
Remember, you are a champion! Now go act like it and make someone else feel like a champion! "Spread the Love" :OD

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep on the sunny side!

There's a dark & a troubled side of life
There's a bright, there's a sunny side, too
Tho' we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view

[cho:] Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us ev'ry day, it will brighten all the way
If we'll keep on the sunny side of life

The storm and its fury broke today,
Crushing hopes that we cherish so dear;
Clouds and storms will, in time, pass away
The sun again will shine bright and clear.
Let us greet with the song of hope each day
Tho' the moment be cloudy or fair
Let us trust in our Saviour away
Who keepeth everyone in His care

Another blog?

Yes, I have started another blog! I know I have billions and billions, but hey, they're free! ;-)
Anyways, I usually post on my LJ, so I thought it would be fun to make a more public blog for people to read. :-)
We'll see if I keep up with it! :-) Please feel free to leave me comments! ;-) That always makes me feel more like posting! ;-)
Anyways, I will be posting Tags, thoughts, random things, pictures, and journal type entries. I may even be a bit controversial sometimes (although I shall try not to offend anyone to awful much! ;-)), so if you don't like what I post, don't read it! (How's that for an attitude? ;-)).
I shall post again soon! :-)